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  • World NewsIndia battles floods amid spike in extreme weather events

    India battles floods amid spike in extreme weather events

    After dozens lost their lives in severe flooding in southern India, climate experts are now calling on government officials to prioritize climate-proof infrastructure and take measures to prevent further destruction from major weather events. India’s tech hub Bengaluru was inundated by floodwaters, following torrential downpours which killed scores of people across the south of the country over the past few…

  • World NewsGoing bananas for hair | Thaiger

    Going bananas for hair

    A Ugandan company makes artificial hair from banana plant byproducts, using the strands from stems. It makes for a stronger and environmentally friendly hair extension. SOURCE: DW News

  • Sport'Between two countries': Homecoming for Turkey's German-born internationals

    ‘Between two countries’: Homecoming for Turkey’s German-born internationals

    Miray Cin and Busra Kuru are set to suit up for Turkey in their Women’s World Cup qualifier against Germany. Both German-born and raised, they have contributed to the growth of women’s football in Turkey. SOURCE: DW News

  • World NewsHuman Rights Watch: Gender-based violence remains rampant in South Africa | Thaiger

    Human Rights Watch: Gender-based violence remains rampant in South Africa

    A new report from Human Rights Watch (HRW) has revealed the dire state of gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa and is urging the government to do more to combat the troubling findings. Described as the country’s “second pandemic” by President Cyril Ramaphosa, GBV in South Africa is still increasing at an alarming rate, making it one of the world’s…

  • World NewsEthiopia: Peace increasingly elusive as violence escalates

    Ethiopia: Peace increasingly elusive as violence escalates

    Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former soldier, arrived on the front lines of the ongoing Tigray conflict on Tuesday, according to a government spokesperson. No details have been given on his precise location Abiy’s decision is being widely interpreted as an attempt to mobilize Ethiopians in the fight against Tigray forces. “You could comment…

  • World NewsAfghanistan: What Taliban's new media rules mean for female actors

    Afghanistan: What Taliban’s new media rules mean for female actors

    Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers unveiled a new set of restrictions on Afghan media on Sunday, banning television channels from showing dramas and soap operas featuring women actors. The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice — which replaced the Ministry of Women’s Affairs after the Islamic fundamentalist group seized power in the country in August — also told…

  • World NewsIraq: IS returnees met with tolerance and distrust

    Iraq: IS returnees met with tolerance and distrust

    “It takes courage to talk about what happened, because it hurts so much,” says Sheikh Ahmed al-Muhairi. And yet, the 27-year-old leader believes it is important to have forgiveness and not rage influence his life. Four years after his father and four uncles were killed by the terror group “Islamic State,” he now welcomes tribal members in his refurnished reception…

  • World NewsEurope's fight against coronavirus

    Europe’s fight against coronavirus

    The Netherlands: Unrest even in a soccer stadium Up until this past weekend, the Dutch soccer club SC Cambuur Leeuwarden was making the kinds of headlines everyone wants. The team got off to an excellent start in the country’s first league, and was about to host FC Utrecht for the week’s top match. That’s when unvaccinated supporters who were prohibited…

  • World NewsPakistan launches 'historic' measles and rubella vaccine drive

    Pakistan launches ‘historic’ measles and rubella vaccine drive

    Cases of measles and rubella have increased drastically in Pakistani children during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, health authorities are fighting back with one of the largest vaccination campaigns in history. SOURCE: DW News

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    Stunning new senior school opens at Shrewsbury, riverside – Thailand’s leading international school

    Sponsored Article Shrewsbury International School Bangkok Riverside has set a new benchmark with their ambitious 1.1 billion Thai Baht Senior school. The culmination of Project 2021 dramatically increases the provision for Science, Mathematics, Computing, Innovation, Robotics, Sixth-Form, Higher Education counselling, dining and sport at Thailand’s leading independent international school. Nestled on the banks of the famed Chao Phraya River, the…

  • World NewsEU lawmakers pass Common Agricultural Policy deal — but green critics sound alarm

    EU lawmakers pass Common Agricultural Policy deal — but green critics sound alarm

    After years of negotiations, European lawmakers voted to reform the bloc’s huge farming subsidy program — the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The farm deal worth €386.6 billion will be implemented from January 1, 2023, and makes up one-third of the EU’s budget. It will be the bloc’s farming policy till 2027 and aims to meet the EU’s climate sustainability goals…

  • World NewsCongo: Entrepreneur delivers sustainable water supply to Goma

    Congo: Entrepreneur delivers sustainable water supply to Goma

    The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) holds half of the fresh water reserves of the entire African continent, according to UNICEF. But not even half of the Congolese population has access to clean drinking water. Entrepreneur Jack Kahorha didn’t want to accept that. So, four years ago, he and two friends founded the water company Yme Jibu in Goma, the…

  • Tourism

    The future of Thailand’s Maya Bay – Report #1 | VIDEO

    Should Maya Bay reopen? Of course it probably will, at the start of 2022. But there are fears that, despite the best intentions, it will be back to mass tourism and ‘market forces rule’. Maya Bay is the Andaman region’s most popular tourist destination, based on interest generated from the 2000 Hollywood movie “The Beach” from the Alex Garland novel…

  • Bangkok

    End of an era – last trains to Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong in December

    It’s the end of an era as the State Railway of Thailand looks to ceasing train services to and from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong railway station. The expensive patch of land, where the famous station is located, is slated for a swish new commercial development. The decommissioning of the famous old station will happen at the end of the year. Hua…

  • World NewsBrazil's skateboarders who choose self-confidence over crime

    Brazil’s skateboarders who choose self-confidence over crime

    When it comes time for Sandro Soares’ free lessons, the kids and teens usually knock on the gate with their skateboards. Soares, known to most as Testinha, in June resumed training sessions several times a week after classes were put on hold for many months due to the coronavirus pandemic. His wife Leila, an educator, supports the passionate 43-year-old skateboarder.…

  • World NewsSudan: Is Hamdok's return a signal of democracy or military victory?

    Sudan: Is Hamdok’s return a signal of democracy or military victory?

    Sudanese protesters have taken to the streets to call for democracy and an end to military rule after the deposed civilian prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, pledged to return to the government jointly led with the military. Nearly four weeks after a military coup, Hamdok was reinstated on Sundaywhen he signed a 14-point power-sharing deal with General Abdel-Fattah Burhan. “Sudanese blood…

  • World NewsCrime Fighters: A Caring Family Counts

    Crime Fighters: A Caring Family Counts

    Too many pregnancies in a short space of time led 20-year-old Linda Malongo to exhaustion. But her husband, Tommy, didn’t understand why women need time to recover between births, or why unplanned pregnancies can put the health of both mother and child at risk. Sitting under the papaya tree in his backyard, Tommy tells us his story, wishing he could…

  • World NewsKenya ramps up fight against COVID

    Kenya ramps up fight against COVID

    The Kenyan government over the weekend issued new health regulations to prevent a surge of COVID-19 cases. From December 21, Kenyans will have to prove they are fully vaccinated to gain access to government services in hospitals, education, tax and immigration offices, as well as many public places, including national parks, bars and restaurants. Workers in the public transport sector…

  • SportOpinion: Bundesliga's full stadiums go against reason as COVID-19 peaks

    Opinion: Bundesliga’s full stadiums go against reason as COVID-19 peaks

    COVID-19 numbers keep hitting new peaks in Germany, and yet Bundesliga stadiums remain frighteningly full. This is absurd, DW reporter Sarah Wiertz writes. SOURCE: DW News

  • World NewsIndia farm laws — what impact will the repeal have on Modi's standing?

    India farm laws — what impact will the repeal have on Modi’s standing?

    Thousands of farmers continue to protest in India even after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday unexpectedly rolled back contentious agricultural laws his government rammed through parliament last year arguing that they would modernize the nation’s farm sector. The laws sparked yearlong protests from tens of thousands of farmers, who feared new rules would dramatically reduce their incomes. The row…

  • World NewsXinjiang footage sheds new light on Uyghur detention camps

    Xinjiang footage sheds new light on Uyghur detention camps

    A 20-minute video featuring more than a dozen detention facilities in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has offered fresh evidence and renewed the discussion around China’s large-scale crackdown on ethnic minorities in the region. The video was filmed by a Chinese man named Guanguan, who went to Xinjiang after reading a series of articles from US news outlet BuzzFeed News,…

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    Are surfboards really hotter than Bitcoin?

    Sponsored Article I don’t know what’s harder to get my hand on right now – Bitcoin at a reasonable price, or a new surfboard. With the current pandemic situation, there’s been a shortage of surfboards as more surfers take to the waves. When I was told last year that a new surfboard would take at least 9 months to arrive,…