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Phuket Pads: Winter birds looking to cash in on Phuket property market

PHUKET: More and more resorts and hotels in Phuket are offering excellent guaranteed rental returns for properties that buyers are looking to use themselves for only a short period each year. The rest of the year, the property is expected to generate rental income for its owners.

This week’s property offers exactly that. Priced at 52 million baht, this one of six exclusive units at the high-end Laguna resort complex also offers the owner 60 days’ use per year free of charge at any time, including during high season.

It also offers a net average rental return of 1.12mn baht per year.

For many Phuket buyers, acquiring a unit at a resort is one of the very few ways of owning a property within meters of the beach. This is simply down to the scarcity of private properties in beach locations.
The resort is on private land, and hence has no sunbed restrictions on its own property. What is better than having your own veranda and third-floor swimming pool with a sundeck overlooking the beach and Andaman Sea?

This luxurious, private three-storey home can accommodate up to six people. The entire ground floor comprises two spacious bedrooms with adjoining en suite bathrooms and direct access from the bedroom to private open-air garden courtyards.

The second floor features a fully-equipped kitchen, and a dining and living area opening onto a beautiful sunlit patio.

The third level has a roof-top deck with an 18-square-meter private infinity pool, an outdoor shower and sun loungers offering panoramic sea views.

The unit comes fully furnished with latest-model appliances and high-quality fittings. There is a compact Western kitchen with a stove-top, range hood, refrigerator and plenty of storage, with large windows allowing in plenty of natural light.

The living area is open-plan, and there is air conditioning throughout. On site, as part of the hotel, are communal gardens, a gym, restaurants, spas and car parking. There is also home security and video surveillance.

The property comes with a Chanote title, and finance for up to three years is available

For more information contact: Patrick Lusted at Siam Real Estate, quote reference number: HSOB7010. Tel: 076-288908 Website:

— Patrick Lusted

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