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  • Business News

    Thai consumers highlight concerns over real-time payment scams

    The rise in the use of new, convenient, and fast payment channels has been matched by growing concerns about real-time payment scams, as revealed by a global consumer fraud research study conducted by Fico, the US-based data analytics and credit scoring company. The study reveals that Thai consumers are particularly worried about the risk of being deceived into sending money…

  • Thailand News

    Global hacking group dismantled in Thai-US joint operation

    In an unprecedented global crackdown, a leading cybercrime organisation, described as the world’s most sophisticated hacking group, has been successfully dismantled. This victory comes as a result of a tireless combined operation between Thai and US security services. The operation orchestrated by the FBI and Thailand’s Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD), resulted in the arrest of three top-ranking members of…