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Police suspect ‘insider’ in attempted rape and assault in Pattaya

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An eighteen year old woman has been tied up with a phone charger chord as a man tried to rape her. After she resisted super glue was put in her eye and her phone stolen. An uncle of the girl is helping police with their inquiries.

Police arrived at the house to find 46 year old  Nongyao Theppithak yesterday afternoon. Her daughter, 18 year old Napasorn Lakudomsak, had already been taken to Pattaya Bangkok hospital after super glue had been put in her right eye. Police found a phone charger and glue stains on a cushion where Napasorn had been sleeping.

The mother said that she had gone to work in her salon in Thepprasit, just out of the main town of Pattaya. She says she received a call from her daughter saying that a man had tried to rape her and had stolen an iPhone 7 Plus belonging to her mother. He had then fled.

The call came from the phone of 29 year old Manote Jityaem, the elder brother of the victim’s father.

The victim told her mother she had been hit in the stomach, tied up with the phone charger chord and some underwear and then had glue put in her eye because she resisted.

The mother said there was no barking from their dog so believed it could have been someone the family knew. Manatee, the uncle, had been staying with the family for two weeks while he has a job in the area.

Police have confirmed that CCTV showed no one entering the house. In addition Manote was seen on camera going to a side storage area besides the house to get the glue. There was evidence of dried glue on his arm.

He was tested and found to have had drugs in his system but denied involvement.

Another man – 39 year old Attaphon Sulaiman – who was also staying at the house, tested positive for drugs as well and is also helping police with their inquiries.

SOURCE: Manager Online

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