Coverage for the loss of a passenger’s life due to an accident

Learn how to protect yourself as a passenger on a motorcycle and how your beneficiaries will be able to obtain compensation in the event of an accident.

Does motorbike insurance cover passengers?

Passengers on motorcycles can purchase personal accident coverage as an add-on to their comprehensive motorcycle insurance plans. You must pay an additional price for this feature. When the add-on is selected, the motorbike passenger is covered for accidental death and disablement, increasing the scope of the bike insurance plan’s coverage.

The insurer gives the deceased’s relatives a lump-sum payment. This coverage will be important if you are involved in an accident and your passenger dies as a result of the accident.

Key Points

  • The insurer pays a lump-sum payout to the deceased’s relatives.
  • There are some documents required to file a claim claim after the death of the passenger. These are the proof of the beneficiary’s identity, police officer’s daily log, and personal identification.
  • Exclusions in coverage include criminal act, illegal participation., self-harm, mental disorders, driving in a different place, high speed, alcohol influence, and pre-existing injuries or disabilities.

How does a passenger covered?

If you purchase an additional policy to cover your passengers, your passengers will receive the same coverage as the driver (or the main policy holder). The passengers can claim up to the policy limits for damage, injuries, and death.

Things to consider before filing a claim

Consider the following things before filing a claim to avoid the claim being denied and to know what you or your beneficiaries will get:

  • Compensation of death is based on insurance policy limits.
  • The income benefits do not include the future earning.
  • Beneficiaries must provide sufficient evidence according to the requirements and needs of the insurance company.
  • Do not file a claim if you know that the accident that occurred is not caused by the motorbike being driven.
  • The passenger must not be unemployed prior to the policy insurance if they want to claim for income compensation.

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Guide for making a claim after the loss of the passenger due to the accident

There are a variety of ways beneficiaries can claim the death benefit, but here’s how it works in most of insurance companies:

  • Get in contact with the insurance company’s customer service and inquire about the claim process.
  • Make a claim with the insurance provider by starting the process over the phone or fill out forms to file a death claim.
  • Prove your relation to the deceased passenger. Provide the insurance company with a copy of the death certificate, as well as all other requested documents.
  • Accident information will also be required. Therefore, prepare to submit a copy of the accident or police report, as well as any other details that happen during the accident.
  • Lastly, after approval, you can obtain The compensation by mail or direct deposit.

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Required documents when filing a claim after the accident that causes the loss of the passenger

Before filing a claim with your motorbike insurance provider, you must prepare the following documents.

  • Proof of the beneficiary’s identity, which includes a copy of the beneficiary’s identification card, a copy of the beneficiary’s house registration, and the statutory beneficiary’s identification card.
  • A copy of the police officer’s daily log or other evidence that the person died in a car accident may be required as additional proof.
  • Personal identification such as a copy of an ID card or a copy of a passport in case the passenger is from a foreign country and other related documents that will help prove that the individual is the one involved in the accident.

Exclusions in coverage in the event of the loss of the passenger

Illegal driving, in general, makes it impossible for the insured to file a claim, or you might be unable to claim benefits at all. Here are some of the exclusions.

  • Criminal act – any criminal act like using the car for illegal purposes such as robbing or transporting drugs, etc.
  • Illegal participation – this is the participation in any hazardous sports or activities.
  • Self-harm – you cant file a claim if the cause is proven as self-inflicted injuries or suicide
  • Mental disorders – if proven that the driver is mentally disorder or not in the proper mind, the coverage will not take effect.
  • Driving in a different place – you can’t claim the benefit if the passenger pass away while being in a motorbike outside the Kingdom of Thailand
  • High speed – driving the motorbike at a high speed will cause your claim to be rejected.
  • Alcohol influence – riding under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicants more than 50 milligrams percentage.
  • Pre-existing injuries or disabilities – these are the injuries that are existing already before the accident.

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