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Why choose The Thaiger?

We understand the everyday risks that small and medium-sized business faces, from reviewing losses, assessing your liability exposures, to calculating your business current value. The Thaiger is here to ensure that you get the right SME Insurance for your business.

What is SME Business Insurance?

SME Business Insurance is a type of insurance designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It protects your company’s assets, properties, employees, and profits. It helps protect your business from things like financial losses as well.

This insurance allows you to run your company without having to worry about unwanted situations that can halt your business or slow it down. Whether you lose your money in transit theft or your property is damaged from leaking pipes, SME business insurance provides you with peace of mind since you know that your assets are covered from loss and even legal liabilities.

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What Are the Benefits of SME Business Insurance?

There are many advantages of SME Business Insurance. We have listed some of the benefits below.


With SME business insurance, you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket as the insurance will cover you for anyone who gets injured in the office.

Medical Expenses

All medical expenses will be covered if someone is injured at work or if there are any accidents on the worksite.


If supplies are stolen from a warehouse, the insurance policy will bear the cost of the stolen items.


Most small businesses cannot afford large losses due to business closure or interruption. Therefore, having SME business insurance is important to sustain your business.

Protecting your Assets

You will protect your assets and inventory by having SME business insurance in the event of a natural disaster, such as a flood or an earthquake.

How Can SME Business Insurance Help Your Business?

Running a business involves unavoidable risks, so it’s necessary to have SME business insurance to secure it. SME business insurance can even help you expand your business. Below are some ways SME business insurance can help you.

Keeps Your Business Up and Running

What happens to your business if a natural disaster occurs, such as an earthquake or a flood? SME business insurance insurance covers property loss in such circumstances.

Makes You Look Credible

Insurance lends credibility to your business. It shows your prospective clients and customers that you’re a safe bet.

Protects Your Employees

Employees are the most valuable asset of any business or organisation, and insurance covers them in the case of an injury.

Helps Attract and Retain Employees

Insurance will help you attract and retain talented workers as it shows them that you care for them and they can get many benefits while working with you.

Customer Ratings


11 reviews

Customer Reviews


Excellent, expert service. I was given to Khun Alex who was a specialist broker. He quickly sorted out all the documents I needed and told me exactly what I needed to do for the next step, the entire process was perfect and very efficiently.



The staff went above and beyond for me, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Kim Sung


The service was extremely professional and effective. When it comes to insuring a company, it takes some time to go over all of the specifics, but everything was explained thoroughly and rapidly.

Mike Donna


Good article, Getting insurance for my businesses will for sure make me feel more secure. I have already placed my enjuiry, still waiting on a call back.

D. Sommer


As an SME owner in Thailand, I would recommend anyone without business insurance to get covered as soon as possible. The benefits will one day come to good use, especially in Thailand where nothing is certain and anything can happen.

Zhang Su


Simple communication with the company over the phone with affordable prices. 100% recommend.

Hank W.

Types of SME Business Insurance

There are several types of SME Business Insurance we offer. Each offers different coverage and premiums. You can choose to buy only one or combine them.

A type of SME Business Insurance that any company should have is General Liability Insurance. General Liability Insurance protects your business if a third party, such as a client, vendor, or customers, gets injured in your business’s property or from your products or services.

Key Points:

  • Cover clients’ or customers’ medical expenses if they got injured in your business.
  • Cover legal costs to defend your business in case of a lawsuit.
  • Cover repair costs to fix customers’ or clients’ properties if your business accidentally caused damage.
  • Cover judgments and settlements from a lawsuit.
  • Cover for advertising injuries, such as copyright infringement from your business’ ads.

Theft, fires and any weather-related damage that occur in your business property are all included by this type of SME business insurance. Commercial property insurance covers your company’s inventory, tools, equipment, machinery, office space, and other properties from injury or loss.

Key Points:

  • Cover your property from damages.
  • Cover your business from theft.
  • Replace lost income if you can’t operate your business because of a covered loss.

If your business sells products, buying product liability insurance is important. One of the most compelling reasons to purchase product liability insurance is that it protects the whole lifecycle of your product. For example, whether your company produces a faulty product or your packager bundles a defective product, a buyer may also sue you because your brand is on the packaging. If you have product liability insurance it would be covered.

Key Points:

  • Cover the full life cycle of your product.
  • Protect from defectively manufacture products.
  • Quite affordable.

SME insurance can give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business goals.

I never thought I needed SME business insurance since my business is still tiny with few employees. I’m glad I did purchase it, though. It gives me confidence that my business can continue to run even though things go wrong.

Top tip: Know what your business needs before you purchase your SME business insurance.

How Can the Thaiger Help You?

No one can predict the future, which is why you have to always be prepared for the unexpected. However, we understand how confusing and overwhelming it can get to choose the best insurance for your business. That’s why we’re here to assist you throughout the process. Starting a new business is never easy, and the financial pressure can be tremendous, so applying for Business Insurance with the Thaiger can help you mitigate the financial risk of running a business.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their SME Business Insurance with The Thaiger

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What to Consider Before Purchasing SME Business Insurance

When starting a business, it is important that you consider all the things that could go wrong. Purchasing an SME insurance policy can be the best way for a new business to mitigate and manage some of the risks that can occur during day-to-day operations.

Know What Your Business Need

Every business has its own unique risks. Therefore, the insurance needs are different as well. What’s right for one company may not be right for another. Therefore, make sure to know what your business needs. This way, you can choose the coverage you need and avoid paying for things you don’t need.

Don’t Overlook Coverage Options

You might think getting one policy, such as a general liability policy, is enough for your business. However, remember that one policy may not cover everything you might experience. Coverage options, such as business interruption, may seem like a minor expense now. However, they will save you tons of money in the long run.

Look for Discount Opportunities

Every insurer is different. However, many offer lower prices if you combine policies. Therefore, make sure you look for discount opportunities. Our team can explain the different policy combinations and available deals.

Savings/Investment insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions About SME Business Insurance

Business insurance is required for all small businesses and it helps to offset the expenses of property loss and liability claims

Business insurance eliminates potential risks, and if you don’t have the money to pay that, it may place the company in risk

To help protect your business, you’ll need to get the right small business liability insurance, Commercial Property Insurance and Product Liability Insurance

The first danger to be mindful of when operating a business without cover is the possibility of breaching municipal laws

Whether or not you’re legally obliged to get business insurance is decided by the existence of your particular business but many companies are required by law to provide workers’ liability insurance

Property damage, reduced company profits and other insured damages will all be covered by business insurance. Businesses also purchase several coverages and merge them into one strategy to better protect against real threats

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