Cargo Insurance

  • Whether your exporting or importing goods from Thailand, protect your cargo with cargo insurance, in case your goods gets lost or damaged.


Business Insurance

  • Make sure your business is covered and protected from any unforeseen financial, property or employee damages or lawsuits, with business insurance.

Popular Business Products in Thailand.

SME insurance

Customise your own insurance policies for your small or medium enterprise from unexpected business risks, with several coverage choices to match your business.

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Business Property Insurance

Get full coverage for your business’s property and protect your business from any physical loss or damages.

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Business Travel Insurance

Guarantee that your company employees and valuable goods are covered from losses, injury, or delayed risks with immediate coverage for your business travels.

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Personal Loans

Fund your future plans or spend money on your personal lifestyle with personal loans that offers flexibility in repayment periods up to 84 months..

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Business Employee Insurance

Get the best staff benefits for your workforce and cover your employees from any accidental injuries and health conditions, with quality benefits and support.

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Financial Products

Protect your company from financial losses if you are unable to operate, and find financial products that are tailored to your company’s needs for financial freedom.

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Business Insurance overview

If you are a small, medium, or large corporation, it can often be complicated to do business in Thailand, and it can take you several weeks to complete any operation. To shield your company from any unexpected financial problems or unforeseen threats, you will need some security for your company. Business insurance will protect your business and make you feel secure in your investment.

Why choose the Thaiger to get your business insurance?

  • Simple, in one click you can see special deals, offers and a complete guide showing your benefits.
  • Quick service with no complicated process, easy to understand and inquire.
  • 24hrs services and up-to-date information, no matter where you are.

Why do you need business insurance?

Business insurance is a necessary for any business. Without business insurance, owners could have to pay fully for damages and legal claims. Especially when it comes to your employees welfare or a company vehicle. Another main importance of business insurance is to help with financial implications of a possible mishap that could easily wipe out a small business’s assets. Insurance will offer covers in the event that consumers or passersby suffer harm at the hands of your company, or if an incident such as a fire damages your company.

In addition, some insurance coverage policies can also provide additional support for business loans, leases, suppliers and customer contracts. It also helps to recover the expenses of property damages and lawsuits for liability.


FAQ for business insurance

1. What is the difference between general and professional liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers any basic lawsuits that the business may face. It takes place when a third party sues your company for bodily injury, property damage, advertising incidents (slander, libel, or misappropriation).

Professional liability insurance focuses specifically on court cases arising out of professional facilities. Many small business owners will benefit from this coverage, a policy of occupational responsibility means that you won’t have to pay legal expenses, whether it’s your fault or not.

2. Why do I need cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance is to protect your shipments from physical damage or loss, this ensures that valuable products are covered from possible damages that can arise during transportation.

3. Why do I need SME insurance?

Small and medium enterprise Insurance can protect the value of your assets in your company, this includes property damages, fire or burglary, or any personal conflicts in liability.