Group insurance FAQ

Have any questions about group insurance? The following frequently asked questions may help!

What Is Included In Group Insurance?

What’s included in group insurance depends on the specific cover and plans you choose. In most cases, you can include health insurance, travel insurance, property and asset insurance, general liability insurance, and more into your group insurance. To see which group insurance you should include in your plan, please check our article about important business insurance plans in Thailand.

Key Points

  • What’s included in group insurance depends on the specific cover and plans you choose.
  • The coverage from group insurance could include the coverage from life, health, and accident insurance.
  • You can customise the coverage to cover your specific requirement for your business, such as property, data security, liability, etc.

How Many Employees Do You Need To Apply For Group Insurance?

The requirement varies from one insurance company to another. Some insurance companies may require at least three people on your team to apply for group insurance, while others only need at least one employee.

Why Do You Need Group Insurance?

Group insurance covers any risks that your company may face. It covers both your company and your staff.

Whether it is work-related accidents or unexpected illness that might strike your staff, or a mistake you or your employee make that causes a loss to your clients, group insurance will help protect your business.

Group insurance will support both your business and your employee.

Is There a Waiting Period For New Employees?

The waiting periods are very flexible and depend on the specific plan you take. For new employees, the waiting period is usually determined by the employer.

You can tailor group insurance plans to meet the unique needs of your business.

Can Part-Time Employees Be Included In Group Insurance Plan?

Yes, in most cases, you can include part-time employees in a group insurance plan. You may also include contractors. Keep in mind, however, that this can vary from an insurance company to another.

Can Employer Split the Cost of Group Insurance With Employees?

Yes, the cost of group insurance can be split between the employer and the employees in various ways. Cost-sharing is usually very flexible.

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