PHUKET: A creaked, raised road in Surin filled locals with the belief earlier this year that perhaps the cavity below was made by a Naga, a deity in a number of eastern religions that takes the shape of a snake – sometimes with seven heads – or even a Buddha image.

Villagers gathered at the site, only 300 meters from a local graveyard, and attempted to peek beneath the road into the steaming hole below as they recalled a number of ancient items having been found in the area before.

A handful of people in the Thalang district gathered to pay their respects to the spirit living in the area. However, after a bit of further research they found that there was nothing below the uplifted road but steam.

Surin area Chief Wanlop Ruangpornjaroen held a ceremony to make all those concerned happy and ensure them that any spirits would be appeased. However, he pointed out that they really should not be so superstitious.

— Nattha Thepbamrung