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    You dance with the devil if you watch porn says Pope Francis

    Head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis declared that watching porn would be like dancing with the “devil.” The 85 year old sovereign of the Vatican City State warned Catholic Church members of the dangers of watching online pornography at a meeting with seminarians in Rome on Monday, reported Aljazeera. He said watching porn would allow the “devil” to enter your…

  • Ukraine

    UKRAINE UPDATES: Ukraine won’t surrender Mariupol; Zelensky calls Israeli MPs; 25% of Ukrainians flee home; Pope visits children

    As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its fourth weeks, here are the latest headlines… • Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister rejected Russia’s demand to give up the strategic port city of Mariupol by 5am Monday morning Moscow time (4 am Monday in Mariupol). The Russian Ministry of Defence had offered to open humanitarian corridors in exchange for a surrender of the…

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    Vatican launches Click to Pray 2.0 app to encourage prayer

    The Vatican is updating it tech in an attempt to modernise religion. But don’t expect Pope Francis to be dancing on TikTok anytime soon. The Click to Pray mobile app has a new update that just rolled out, hoping to help keep prayer in modern busy lifestyles. Click to Pray 2.0 is the first update to the Vatican’s prayer app…