• Business News

    Smooth skies ahead: THAI-turkish partnership signals global travel upswing

    A monumental leap forward for international air travel took flight yesterday when Thai Airways International (THAI) and Turkish Airlines secured a memorandum of understanding. The anticipated partnership will focus on the cut-throat competition prevalent on Asia-Europe routes. Commonly, airline collaborations entail synchronising schedules and revenue sharing. For instance, Qantas Airways and Emirates have a working partnership on Europe-Australia services. However,…

  • World News

    Intimidation tactics by Erdogan supporters in Germany ahead of Turkey’s crucial election

    Supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Germany have been accused of attempting to intimidate voters ahead of the country’s crucial election. Politicians and voters have reported instances of harassment, particularly directed toward those perceived as anti-Erdogan. In Neukoelln district, Berlin, a local chapter of the opposition CHP party arranged for buses to transport voters across the city to…

  • Crime News

    Turkish man assaults older Thai man in Pattaya, resulting in serious head injury (video)

    A Turkish man assaulted an older Thai man in Pattaya, resulting in a serious head injury. The incident occurred on Pattaya‘s Walking Street on April 18, known as ‘Wan Lai‘ or ‘Flowing Day,’ at around 3am. The Turkish man, 28 year old Mustafa, appeared in video footage to head-butt and shove 61 year old Chadayut, who poured on him during…