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  • Thailand News

    Illegal spiritual retreat seized in Thai national forest reserve

    The Forest Department, military, police, and local administrative bodies joined forces to seize an unauthorised spiritual retreat within a national forest reserve. The site included roads, buildings, and accommodations constructed illegally. Pongpetch Kasupha, head of the Operation Unit of the Internal Security Operations Command Region 4, and Chanchai Kijsakdapap, leader of the Forest Department’s Tiger Unit, accompanied by officers from…

  • Lifestyle

    Spirit houses in Thai culture

    In the bustling streets and serene countryside of Thailand, one might notice small, ornate structures standing proudly on pedestals, often adorned with flowers and offerings. These are spirit houses, integral to Thai culture and spirituality. They serve as abodes for protective spirits, believed to safeguard homes, businesses, and public spaces from harm. Spirit houses, known as “san phra phum” in…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Spirit or doll’s house? Foreign woman goes viral for Barbie doll photoshoot in northern Thailand

    Thai netizens were amused by a viral clip of a foreign woman snapping a pic of her Barbie doll inside a spirit house outside the White Temple in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand on Monday. Spirit houses – which look like miniature temples – are found in abundance all over the kingdom and are intended to appease ghosts by…