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    Two monks defrocked for misconduct in Thailand

    Two senior monks, one aged 70 and another 60, were defrocked following complaints of inappropriate behaviour. Luang Pi Namfon, from the local Buddhist office, led the intervention after reports of the monks not residing at their temples and engaging in activities unbecoming of their monastic vows surfaced. Luang Pi Namfon today, February 16, accompanied by a deputy, coordinated with the…

  • Thailand News

    Infamous monk Kay defrocks after directive for capture, following violation of Buddhist law (Video)

    In accordance with Buddhist law, the recent defrocking of Khanech Suchinano, also known as Kay, highlights the consequences of violating monastic discipline and the measures taken by relevant authorities. Khanech, also known as Kay, was officially defrocked following a directive for his immediate capture. He originally entered monkhood via a mass ordination programme organised by a temple. According to a…

  • Northern Thailand News

    Drunk as a monk: Intoxicated Thai monks defrocked after selling temple items

    In northeast Thailand’s Nong Bua Lamphu province, two intoxicated monks were defrocked after testing positive for high levels of alcohol consumption. The monks were also accused of selling temple-owned items without permission. Concerned locals alerted the Mueang Nong Bua Lamphu Police about the monks’ behaviour on a recent Tuesday. The police, accompanied by around 20 frustrated residents, visited the temple…