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    Covid-19 restrictions to ease in Shanghai as authorities seek to revive economy

    Officials in Shanghai are continuing to ease Covid restrictions following a harsh lockdown that confined residents to their homes for 2 months. According to a Reuters report, the authorities in the global financial hub have removed restrictions that prevented many businesses from operating, with measures being brought in to revive the decimated economy. Last month, in the midst of the…

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    Chinese netizens pay tribute to the doctor who tried to warn the world

    He will forever be known as a hero, but Dr Li Wenliang, the Chinese ophthalmologist who first sounded the alarm over Covid-19, was initially shut down and threatened by his government. Now, nearly 2 years after his own death from the virus, thousands of Chinese netizens have posted messages to honour the Wuhan medic who tried to warn the world.…

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    Chinese tennis player says she never accused anyone of sexual assault

    The mystery surrounding Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai continues, with the player now denying she ever made an accusation of sexual assault. Last month, Peng posted comments on Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, alleging that Zhang Gaoli, a former senior government official, would force her into having sex during their on-off relationship. The post was quickly deleted, but not…

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    Women’s Tennis Association shelves all tournaments in China amid Peng concerns

    The Women’s Tennis Association has suspended all tournaments in China amid concerns for the welfare of Chinese player, Peng Shuai. According to an AFP report, Steve Simon from the WTA says the tournaments, including those planned for Hong Kong, cannot go ahead while Peng is unable to speak freely. The Winter Olympics are due to take place in Beijing in…

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    Chinese tennis player speaks to Olympic official, insists she’s “safe and well”

    Following mounting concern about her welfare, Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai has spoken to the International Olympic Committee to say she’s safe. According to a Reuters report, Peng had a 30-minute video call with IOC president, Thomas Bach. The call came as Western governments expressed concern when the player had not been seen in public for nearly 3 weeks. Her…

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    Zero chance of zero Covid: Chinese virologist slams government strategy

    One of China’s top virologists has launched a rare attack on the government, criticising its insistence on pursuing a so-called “Covid Zero” strategy. According to a Bloomberg report, Guan Yi from the University of Hong Kong says the government’s attempts to quash the virus through mass testing and harsh quarantines are doomed to fail. “We don’t stand a chance if…

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    Gaming stocks plunge as Chinese authorities protest “effeminacy”

    Gaming companies are taking a hit in the stock market as authorities in China have been cracking down harder and harder on their perceived negative effects in Chinese society. The government has already ordered them to limit how much gaming time children have, and have pushed back on things like obscenity, violence, money worship, and now the idea that video…

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    Infestation of Mealybugs leads to China banning Thai longan

    China has banned the Thai longan, a fruit that comes in small yellow orbs and when peeled resembles an eyeball, minus the iris or pupil thus its Cantonese name which translates to “dragon eye”, although it could also be argued the fruit looks like a skinless testicle. The anatomically questionable fruit has been banned because of an infestation of mealybugs.…

  • Thailand NewsGood Morning Thailand | Origins of Covid, Thai businesses adapting, feeding unemployed Thais | Thaiger

    Good Morning Thailand | Origins of Covid, Thai businesses adapting, feeding unemployed Thais

    For Thursday Bill, Tim and Shaun look at the investigations not where Covid originated from, examples of businesses in Thailand adapting to the new conditions and economy, and how individuals and people are rolling up their sleeves to help people profoundly affected by the lockdowns and border closures. Hope you enjoy today’s latest episode of Good Morning Thailand.  

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    Thailand praised by China for successful suppression of Covid-19

    An official from the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok has congratulated Thailand for its handling of the Covid-19 outbreak and seemingly successful suppression of the virus. Speaking on behalf of the Chinese Ambassador, the diplomat says such success is due to the measures implemented by the Thai government. Thailand has now gone more than a month without a case of community…

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    Hong Kong won’t rule out accepting help from China over protests

    PHOTO: AFP Following more violent protests in Hong Kong, Chief Executive Carrie Lam says China stepping in to end the crisis is not out of the question. Angry demonstrations have rocked the city for four months now, having started out as protests against a proposed extradition bill that could have seen criminals sent to China for trial. The Hong Kong…

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    Discussions between Hong Kong leader and protesters yield little in the way of progress

    PHOTO: AFP Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam appeared humble during a meeting where citizens voiced discontent at her ongoing refusal to give in to their demands. The meeting comes after more than three months of often violent anti-government protests in the city. The protests originally began as a result of a proposed bill that would pave the way for…