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  • Automotive

    The hidden expenses of car ownership in Bangkok revealed

    We all know that cars are expensive, but many are unaware of how much it really costs to own one. While many think fuel is the only cost to worry about, there’s actually a whole lot more to consider when it comes to owning a car in Bangkok. From maintenance to insurance, the hidden expenses can sneak up on you.…

  • Business News

    Thailand’s car production hits brakes, sees 15.75% drop in December

    Thailand’s car production experienced a significant drop of 15.75% in December, compared to figures from the previous year, marking the fifth consecutive month of decline, according to the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). The downturn resulted in only 133,621 units being produced, largely due to a reduction in pickup truck output. This figure is a stark contrast to November’s year-on-year…

  • Automotive

    Can foreigners get a car loan in Thailand?

    Whether you’re eyeing up that sassy sedan or that rugged 4×4 in a Thai car dealership, there’s just one niggling question lurking in the shadows. How are you, as an expat, going to afford your gleaming new motor? Hand on heart, it’s quite normal to feel a right pickle about finance options in a foreign land. Don’t worry, though; we’ve…