Motorbike Insurance: Lost, Stolen or fire damage

Know your limits and coverage when unforeseen events happen.

What Types of Motorbike Insurance Offer the Best Coverage for Lost, Stolen, and Fire Damage?

A new motorbike which s typically 1 – 3 years old may purchase motorbike insurance Type 1 and Type 2 in case an unfortunate event happens such as the motorbike has been caught on fire or has been lost or stolen.

Type 1 car insurance, on the other hand, can not be claimed if there are no parties involved in the accidents. If you are mainly focused on the event of a fire or lost motorbike, Type 2 insurance for motorbike will be the better option.

Key Points

  • A new motorbike which s typically 1 – 3 years old may purchase motorbike insurance Type 1 and Type 2 in case an unfortunate event happens such as the motorbike has been caught on fire or has been lost or stolen.
  • Coverage for lost or stolen motorbike includes 1-3 years old motorbike amounting to 10,000 baht and 4-5 years old motorbike amounting to 5,000 baht.
  • Motorbike fire coverage exclusions are burglary-related failures or property embezzlement, and the use of motorcycles in areas that are not covered.

What Should You Do In the Event of Fire or Theft?

Accidents involving a motorbike maybe frightening but as a rider, you must gather alertness. If you smell burnt or fuel when driving, pull over to a safe location and park. The engine must be turned off immediately to avoid major problems and if possible, you may control the fire by yourself and immediately call for help.

On the other hand, if the motorbike has been lost or stolen, you don’t have to worry if we have comprehensive motorbike insurance because the policy agreement will be suspended the day that the motorbike is stolen. As a result, you will not be required to make any additional payments. Since the insurance company is responsible for paying the actual remaining installments to the finance. If there you still owe installments and finance before the accident, you are still required to pay in full first.

What Are the Coverage Offered In Case of Fire?

When a motorcycle is destroyed by a fire, whether it is caused by itself or as a result of another accident, the insurance provider will pay the claim. It will be divided into two categories based on the liability of the insured vehicle.

When the motorbike is completely damaged
This is when the car has been seriously burned by fire and cannot be restored to its original state. For instance, the fire causes the loss to reach 70% of the motorbike’s worth. Furthermore, if the insurance claim is insufficient to repair the damage. the motorbike owner may pass the vehicle ownership to the insurance provider in return for compensation for the full amount of the sum insured, but you owner will lose ownership of the motorbike automatically.

When the motorbike is partially damaged
It occurs when a vehicle has been burned but is still repairable. However, if the motorbike is difficult to repair, the insurance provider can find a replacement in the same condition as before the accident or simply pay the compensation.

If fire and theft are the primary issues in your area, make sure your motorbike insurance policy covers it. Type 2 motorbike insurance is a good option since it focuses on fire and theft.

What Are the Coverage Offered In Case of Lost or Stolen Motorbikes?

Damage for the motorbike in the event of theft, the policyholder will get paid for the compensation according to the policy insurance with the limit indicated in two parts.

1. Covers motorcycles that are 1-3 years old amounting to 10,000 baht.
2. Covers motorcycles that are 4-5 years old amounting to 5,000 baht.

All papers, however, must be prepared in compliance with the terms of the policy. The cost of compensation varies depending on the policy. Please double-check the insurance policy you bought.

Prevention is always better, so make sure your motorbike is adequately covered.

What Are the Exclusions?

Protection is excluded by the insurance provider for the following reasons:

1. Burglary-related failures, or property embezzlement
2. The use of motorcycles in areas that are not covered.

How Can You Prevent Your Motorbike From Getting Stolen or Damaged by Fire?

To lessen the chances of a motorbike being stolen, the following precautions should be taken:

1. Choose Your Parking Spot Carefully – Parking in a controlled setting, such as a shopping mall or a hotel. Park in well-lit vehicles. Parking in dark or blind spots is not a good idea. Find a parking spot in a loaded vehicle. Thieves are more likely to behave while parking in congested areas.

2. Lock Your Steering Lock – Your bike’s steering lock will act as the first line of protection, preventing easy maneuvering. It’s even better if your ignition and steering locks are different, requiring the thief to break two locks in order to get away with your motorbike.

3. Buy Quality Locks And Chains – When it comes to defense, go for the best and highly rated locks that are hard to break.

4. Motorbike Alarm – Alarms are an effective way to draw attention to the fact that your bike is being stolen.

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