Credit Cards

  • Redeem benefits that suit your lifestyle. Apply for a credit card to help you out with your financials.
  • Make your finances easier, by spreading the cost of large purchases and earn cash back on top.



  • In need of a loan? Find the right loan for you and at the best rates with The Thaiger.
  • Simply compare and gather information about loans to fit your financial plans.

Popular Financial Products in Thailand.

Cash Cards

Minimize the risk of heading cash and maximize flexibility in your payment, with the great deals and promotion from various shops across Thailand.

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SME Loans

Ensure your business has cash flow and all financial activity are supported. Whether your a sole trader or in a partnership, SME loans are available for you.

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Personal Loans

Fund your future plans or spend money on your personal lifestyle with personal loans that offers flexibility in repayment periods up to 84 months.

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Home Loans

With our wide range of competitive interest rates, get your dream home now to suit your financial plan and receive extra property insurance.

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Wedding Loans

Cover your wedding expenses and get personalized pre-approved deals for the best venue, receive the most magnificent styles that you can choose from, and work along side with the greatest wedding planners.

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Refinancing Home

Special terms and conditions for low-interest rates to reduce interest on your debt. You are also able to decide to make repayment through instalments or a flat rate contract.

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Basic information about financials for Foreigners

Any foreigner can open a bank account with a tourist visa in Thailand. The easiest account to choose is a saving account, as the majority of the other account requires a Thai work permit. Furthermore, in Thailand, foreigners may apply for a credit card. It is not as simple as requesting a debit card, but it does have its advantages. For example, a Thai credit card may reduce the cost of foreign currency surcharges as well as other additional benefits, including discounts on flights, hotels and restaurants.

How can the Thaiger help you?

  • Simple in one click with various choices of the special deals and offers, complete information for your greatest benefits.
  • Quick service and no complicated progress on your online platform.
  • Reliable with 24 hrs service and up to date, no matter where you are.

Types of Financial Products for expats

Credit Card & Cash Card – Make your financial freedom with special offers and deals, offer many interest rates which fit your financial activities and make you minimise the cost of large purchases, collect cash-back and loyalty points, and provide other benefits.

Home Loan – Choosing the right mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. Whether you’re buying your first home in Thailand, moving to a new house, or re-mortgaging, allow us to help you achieve your house with our home mortgages to serve your individual financing needs.

SME Loan – Need help with start-up costs or finding solutions for your SME? loans for a variety of purposes, such as the expansion of plants, procurement of new equipment, construction of office buildings, or investment of fixed assets. Get more credit facilities in the form of a loan to drive your business. We’re here to support your business in Thailand.

Motorbike Loan – Purchase provides a variety of options to serve all your choices and financial and low down payment. Don’t think about post-purchase financing problems, you’re sure to buy cars with confidence.

Personal Loan – Multi-purpose instalment term loans for individuals. Once approved, the fund is credited directly to your account. Choose your payment term to fit your spending plan without the need for collateral or personal guarantees.

Thai Bank Account – Looking to transfer money to your own Thai account with no fees? Get your own Promptpay feature with your Thai phone number for no fees? Get your bank account in Thailand can be easy, with the most friendly choices of banks for foreigners, and Promptpay is a very popular payment option among locals. It will also help make your life in Thailand much easier.



1. What should I do if I can’t make my payment?

What you can do is apply for business or financial insurance before getting your loan to get cover for your finances in case of emergency situations or you can get a refinance loan. And you can also contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau, National Debtline, or Step Change Loan Charity for free advice as well.

2. What document are needed to apply for a credit card?

  1. Passport and valid work permit photocopy
  2. Photocopy for current month payroll slip or your company valid registration
  3. Bank statement of the personal account (updated last 3 months)

3. Are there any additional fees for a personal loan?

Most lenders don’t charge any fees other than interest. The fee is a one-time upfront charge that your lender will subtract from your loan to pay for administration and processing costs.