PHUKET: Villagers in two provinces at the opposite ends of Thailand are celebrating the births of mutant piglets – after successfully using the lucky freaks to divine winning lottery numbers.

The first queer porker was born in a village in the Lamplaimat District in Buriram Province in the Northeast.

The animal had five legs, two tongues and fangs sticking out of its mouth. Its feet, rather than having trotters, were capped with five eerily human toes.

Choi Saenram, 67, said when he saw that the pig was not like the rest of the litter, he took it from its mother and began looking after it, feeding it milk continuously. But because it was such a bizarre creature, it died around 3pm the same day.

The second mutant arrived in the world the following day in a village in the Sichon District in Nakhon Sri Thammarat Province.

It had two heads, two mouths, two tongues and three eyes, and was likely the result of twins that failed to separate properly in the womb.

Owner Phisamai Pharasathit said the piglet, one of a litter of nine, was alive when it was born but soon died because it wouldn’t drink its mother’s milk.

In both cases, local villagers flocked to see the mutants in order to divine lottery numbers, as is standard when Thai country folk discover unusual animal births.

And in both cases several villagers chose the winning number, 687125, in the lottery draw.

Those who won made sure to prostrate themselves in front of the dead mutant corpses to acknowledge the piglets’ role in bringing them such good fortune.

— Sanook