Good Morning Thailand

Keep up to date with episodes of Good Morning Thailand hosted by Jay and featuring regular guests as they look at some of the main stories and issues around Thailand each day. Beware, opinions ahead! There is plenty of banter and lots of tid bits of info, plus a few laughs. Click here to view the programs on YouTube.

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  • Bangkok’s budget already spent & Out-sourcing meditation | GMT

    Bangkok’s budget already spent, Out-sourcing meditation. More and more Americans are liking Thailand’s edible insects, Pattaya a hub for Film Production. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs Re-open in Thailand | GMT

    Entertainment venues such as pubs, bars and nightclubs will reopen in 31 provinces. Nick Chapman joins us in studio to talk about the success of the recent BKFC event. Thai economy in April showed signs of improvement. Thailands new data law, what is it all about? Thats all coming up on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Thai PM says NO to removing mask mandate | GMT Thai PM says NO to calls for removing the mask mandate mid June. Changing Thailand’s culture of drunk driving. Nick chapman returns to talk about the success of BKFC. Malaysia’s biggest ever Thai Festival. Changing the numerals in Thailand’s official documents to modern times. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Is June 1 easing of restrictions meaningless? | GMT

    Operators of nightlife outlets in Bangkok are frustrated with restrictions, there’s a Pepsi price surge coming to Thailand, Pattaya tourist says security guards beat him “bloody” near Walking Street and Singapore and India are at the top of list of the 10 countries travelling to Thailand. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Lifting of the mask mandate in Thailand next month? | GMT

    Face mask-wearing mandate to be lifted ‘only in certain areas’, Disability rights activist jailed for shaming a motorist parked in a disabled bay, Govt ups monkeypox alert level, Cafe serves drinks in “penis” bags in southern Thailand, and Thailand raises monkeypox alert level to “requiring close surveillance”. All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

  • Goodbye masks & Monkeypox reality check | GMT

    Tim goes solo this morning with Jay and Natty on assignment. Monkey Pox is in the news, a lot of it unnecessary headlines. We want your thoughts on the matter as we go through a few Monkeypox facts. Masks in Thailand may be on the way out after the public health department even put a date on a possible reversal…

  • Bars and Nightlife to “Officially” Re-open in Thailand | GMT

    Thailand’s CCSA meeting agreed to officially reopen the entertainment venues in the Green and Blue provinces. TAT targeting 50% occupancy rate for hotels. Thailand introduces strict screening for arrivals from countries with monkeypox. Thai Airways to auction off Boeing 737-400 Airframe via Facebook Live. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand  

  • Is now the best time to invest in Thailand due to the weak Baht | GMT

      Is now the best time to invest in Thailand? what are the pros and cons of a weaker Baht? Asia’s largest water park, Bangkok governor election winner and Do Thai teachers and institutions abuse their power? All this and more on today’s Good Morning Thailand.

  • “Don’t drink and vote” Alcohol ban this weekend | GMT

    Following Thailand’s alcohol ban for the Buddhist holiday of Visakha Bucha Day, Pattaya and Bangkok dwellers can prepare for yet another alcohol ban coming just a week later! A popular Facebook page has posted a video and photos this week of black, dirty water flowing into Phuket Kamala Beach on the island’s west coast. Thailand’s public prosecution committee unanimously agreed…

  • Thailand to welcome one millionth tourist & Russell Crowe Returns | GMT

    Thailand expects its one millionth foreign tourist this year to arrive by the end of May. Russell Crowe and six other celebrities will ask questions to seven Bangkok governor candidates live on TV. Schools back for summer as students ride elephants to school. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand

  • Will all restrictions be lifted in Thailand this week? | GMT

    Covid numbers plummet but restrictions remain in Thailand. What will the CCSA decide this Friday? The Problem with homelessness in Bangkok. More Thai national parks close. Are there too many elephants in Thailand? All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Getting Goosebumps in Bangkok | GMT

    The 4 day long weekend – was it good for Thai tourism? Keeping up with the Royal Gazette, “Thailand Goosebumps Festival” – Thailand’s first spiritual culture festival in Thailand. Are vending machines going to replace 7-11 in Thailand? All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Getting Ready to Open Thailand Night Life | GMT

    A tropical cyclone, Thailand getting ready to open its night life, fortune telling tarantulas and prioritising the public needs. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

  • Thai Minister wants to ban Facebook, Youtube and Twitter | GMT

    the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, has asked the court to ban access to 42 websites including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Thailand government will most likely keep the diesel cap. Phuket eyes 1m arrivals in Q4. Airport mishaps and crazy cults in Thailand. All this and more on todays Good Morining Thailand.

  • Bad Students, Watching Porn & Lazada Gate | GMT

    A school in Thailand has introduced strict, conservative guidelines that will deduct points off students for not following the school rules. Where does Thailand rank amongst the countries that watch the most amount of Porn? The Royal Thai Army is boycotting Lazada in the latest reaction following an advertisement deemed offensive to Thailand’s monarchy. Marcos Jr returns family to Philippines…

  • “Curb your enthusiasm: Thailand gets real over tourism” | GMT

    Tourism operators are quite calm about the current situation in Thailand and are playing down the over optimistic coming tourism statistics being thrown around. The signs of the times, billboard advertisements are doing poorly. We look at the current real estate trends in Phuket and talk to developed Doug Ferguson about his development Trichada. Maya Bay close again and more…

  • Thai tourism to recover drastically by next year? | GMT

    Thailand’s PM has pushed back the introduction of a 300 baht ‘entry fee’ for tourists. Thai PM expects tourism to recover to half of pre-pandemic levels by next year. Phuket is counting down to declaring Covid-19 an endemic disease. Thailand’s press freedom ranking improves this year. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand

  • Pattaya walking street makeover – Safer, better and more secure I GMT

    Pattaya walking street makeover and officials meet to discuss re-opening of bars and extension of curfew times. Fugitive accused in Thailand murder dies in plane crash. Thai man finally cremates wife after keeping her body for 21 years. Thai PM Prayut warns about fake 1000 baht banknotes. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.