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Protect yourself from the unexpected, with health insurance.

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Why choose The Thaiger as your Health Insurance Provider?

The Thaiger offers a simple and easy way to buy health insurance online and at your own convenience. We are here to help you choose the most suitable protection for you and your family, get health insurance, and be worry-free wherever you are.

What is Health Insurance, and why is it necessary in Thailand?

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but bad things can happen, even when you are young and healthy, this is where health insurance can help you out. A health insurance policy is a legal agreement between an insurance provider and the policyholder (you). Typically, the contract term is limited, and you must make payments (known as premiums) to keep your coverage active. This contract will also give different details and conditions for each policy, which will mean that the insurance company is liable for your medical care costs and many more depending on your policy.

A simple way to describe health insurance is that it protects you from paying the full cost of medical services when you’re injured or ill. Without health insurance, one incident could wipe out your entire life-saving. Some of the coverages of health insurance are hospital admissions, loss of life, ICU costs, surgery costs, and many more. Ultimately, health insurance will give you the needed sense of security, letting you live your life to the fullest without any worry.

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Payment Methods for Foreigner Health Insurance

There are many different options and many ways to choose to pay for your health insurance. Here is a list of what you can do at your own convenience.

Credit or Debit cards

You can pay your health insurance quickly, securely and without any hassle using your credit and debit cards.

Online/Wire Transfer

Banking has never been this easy, you can now pay for your health insurance in full at your home.


The most common type of payment method is cash, get your premium simple, fast and efficient.


Cheques is a paper document that gives permission to your bank to pay a specific amount of money to a specific person.

Installment Plans

Organize your cash flow by dividing the full payment into several intervals at a certain due date.

How to get cheaper Health Insurance?

Health Insurance doesn’t always have to be expensive, following this set of steps may help you lower your health insurance premiums.

Know your Needs and Budget

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you know what you need from your insurance plan. One way to decrease your premiums’ cost is to obtain medical insurance with only inpatient benefits and lower coverage limits. For example, exclusions of certain coverages in an insurance plan should make it cheaper. You may also want to check for any pre-existing conditions.

Decide if you need outpatient coverage or not

An inpatient-only expat insurance plan will have lower premiums than a more comprehensive option with outpatient benefits. If you’re a healthy individual without any major health conditions, an inpatient plan might be the right choice for you and for your budget!

Consider pre-existing conditions

Another vital point to consider when choosing your premium is whether you have any pre-existing medical condition. Many international insurance companies provide coverage for the costs of related conditions in exchange for higher premiums. However, if you don’t want to pay higher premiums, you can choose to purchase add-ons for your policy. Purchasing add-ons to your policy is the most affordable approach, as it only pays for the treatment of your specific conditions. This can remarkably lower your insurance premiums.

Compare plans online

Looking for Health Insurance online is very easy nowadays. You can choose many different coverage levels and customize your policy according to your wants and needs. You can get a very clear overview of the premiums for health insurance plans you seek at The Thaiger.

Be Cautious of the cheapest plans and less established insurers

Remember, you get what you pay for. Health insurance with the cheapest plans is often too good to be true and may cause some trouble when it comes to actually claiming the plan. Another thing to look out for is poor customer service, restrictive provider network, no direct billing option, high amount of exclusions and out-of-pocket costs. The insurers can charge you for these additional services, excluding your health insurance premium.

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Customer Reviews


Health insurance sounds scary but personally, I think it’s something that you should consider and learn the importance of health insurance as you’ll never know when you’ll be needing it. Thank you for making this process very easy and simple.

Brian Cooper


You must ask the insurer whether the insurance starts on the requested date (after you pay), or whether there is a waiting period, even after you paid already, sometimes there is a waiting period, but in most cases accidents may already be covered from the moment you paid for your health insurance.

Liz Mathew


I must admit that my health is not in top conditions and I have been meaning to change my insurance for a very long time, the problem is that I just never know what my options are and what package I should get. So with a not-so-successful past experience, I have left it for the thethaiger to sort out.

Garray Sulivan


All the information is there, now is a matter of what product to choose, from what I understand there are a few products we can choose from with different levels coverages.

Richardson Ross


So tired of Thailand being so unclear about their products and what the benefits are, not just that but everything is also done offline, I don’t know what the thaiger is doing right now but if I can apply for my health insurance online this will be a game-changer. I have already inquired with the Thaiger and now waiting for a reply, if this works I will always be using your services.

Jordon Smith


thank you the thaiger for helping me understand the basics of health insurance in Thailand, I am always warry of my health and try to find the best haelth insurance in the area, i have already inquired with the website and asked for their team to get back to me as soon as possible.

Henery Burns

Different Types of Health Insurance

There are numerous types of health insurance policies available to meet your requirements. It’s essential to make sure that you choose the right type of health insurance to get the most benefit.

Below are the different types of health insurance available in Thailand.

Family Health Insurance ensures that you and your family members have the chance to get the services and medical care you deserve. This will give you peace of mind and stay worry-free, as the insurance will also cover your loved ones

Key Points

  • Coverage for inpatient care.
  • Coverage for outpatient care.
  • The option to add health checkups and screening to your policy coverage.
  • The option to add dental treatments to your policy coverage.

International health insurance is not the same as Travel Insurance. International health insurance is meant to provide people relocating from their home country with a comprehensive health coverage standard for a prolonged period of time. On the other hand, travel insurance provides cover for emergency services while you are in another country for a shorter period of time.

Key Points

  • Covers you when you’re living outside of your home country.
  • Coverage for inpatient care.
  • Coverage for emergency outpatient treatment.
  • The option to add routine healthcare to your policy coverage.
  • Flexible and portable plans.

After all the years of working hard, you definitely deserve the best out of what you worked for, especially during your retirement age. With health insurance for retirees, you don’t need to worry about your medical bills and maintenance medicines or worry about your health even if you’re living alone. Your health insurance got your back.

Key Points

  • Easy access to high-quality treatment for retirees.
  • Coverage for both inpatient and outpatient care.
  • If you want to retire in Thailand, this type of health insurance may help you meet the health insurance requirement set by the Thai government.
  • The option to have deductible amount.

They say “Health is Wealth,” so make sure to protect it.

We can never know what is going to happen today or tomorrow, so its best that we are prepared, especially when it comes to the health of our loved ones. Getting health insurance is one of the best decisions I made. Thankfully, I haven’t had the reason to use it, but I know that I can always get the care I need when I need it.

Top tip: Identify what you need to get the best plan and health insurance for you and your loved ones.

Why choose the Thaiger?

As much as we try to avoid it, accidents can happen anywhere. No one can prevent illness or injury, but you can always prepare yourself for the financial aspects. Therefore, we ensure that our health insurance plans cover everything you need at an affordable price.

The Thaiger have complied and compared the best options, so you can save time and get instant coverage. We are here to be there for you when you need us the most.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Health Insurance with The Thaiger.

Other Interesting Insurance

Although health insurance offers comprehensive coverage and generous support for our health, you may want to check out the following insurances for a higher quality of life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance pays a lump sum, known as a death benefit, to your beneficiaries following your death.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Get covered with Personal Accident (PA) insurance to ensures coverage during emergency cases like uncertain accidents, impairments, life-changing conditions or even death.

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Cancer Insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones from cancer and the financial hardship it may cause.

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Tropical Disease Insurance

Get protection against mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue Fever and more

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Health Insurance Exclusions to Watch For

Unfortunately, health insurance can’t cover every aspect related to your health. Every insurance plan has its limitations, so it’s best to carefully go through all the exclusions before purchasing any health insurance.

The exclusions can be different depending on the specific policy you want to purchase. However, health insurance plans generally don’t cover the following things:


Treatments for alcohol and substance abuse are common exclusions in health insurance. Your insurance might not cover you if you get hurt under the influence of alcohol as well.

Disasters and Terrorism

Insurance companies will not cover you if you take part in crime or war. In addition, some insurance companies won’t cover your treatment if you get hurt due to a natural or man-made disaster.

Pre-Existing Conditions

In most cases, pre-existing conditions are not covered by health insurance policies. Any disease that you already have prior to purchasing the insurance policy is considered a pre-existing condition. These can include kidney stones and arthritis. However, health insurance policies will usually cover any new conditions in full.

Chronic Diseases

Some insurance companies may limit your coverage of chronic diseases. You may have to purchase additional critical illness insurance if you want chronic diseases, such as stroke and heart attack, to be covered.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are usually not covered by health insurance policies. In some cases, your insurance company may offer limited coverage for HIV treatment.

Motorcycle Accidents

Some health insurance plans don’t cover any injury caused by motorcycle accidents. If you plan to ride a motorcycle, it’s best that you purchase a personal accident insurance policy.


Health insurance policies usually exclude professional or organised sports. Recreational activities like a game of football with friends may be covered, but as soon as you play it professionally or the sport becomes organised, exclusions may apply. Dangerous activities, such as paragliding, are usually not covered as well. Therefore, if you’re planning to participate in any sport or high-risk activities, be sure to check your health insurance exclusions carefully.

Group Health Insurance

Health insurance can help protect you from unexpected accidents. However, it only covers your own medical expenses. If you have a business with one or more employees, group health insurance may be more beneficial for you. Group health insurance helps you and your employees pay for medical expenses should an unforeseen situation occur. It is usually more cost-effective than individual health insurance.

The amount of service covered vary by plan, but in general, it will help you and your employee pay for various medical treatments, including regular doctor checkups, treatments for accidents, and care for long-term illnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance

There are many options for you to get affordable health insurance, either you can research about it to see what insurance plan suits your need the most or you can get financial assistance depending on your income/budget or a short-term plan.

You can cancel health insurance any time but you can’t buy a new plan at any time. For instance, you don’t like your current insurance and you’d like to switch to a different insurer: You’d have to wait for the end of your policy.

According to the current law in Thailand, you can add or keep your children under your health insurance plan until they turn 26 years old. They can still be on the plan even if they are not living with their parents or if they’re married.

For expats who are trying to get health insurance, maternity health insurance, family health insurance, and international health insurance are the most common ones.

Expat insurance is an international health insurance package intended for expatriates and other people living or working abroad, also known as Global Media Insurance. Expat health insurance policies cover both within and outside the home country of the individual.

Expat insurance provides critical medical facilities, including, though not limited to, preventive treatment, surgery, prenatal care, prescription medicine, medical evacuation, hospice or home health care, chiropractic services and, among other benefits, acupuncture.

Yes, on one application, you can include your spouse and dependents. Dependents may be expected to complete a separate application over a certain age.

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