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  • Thailand News

    Thailand braces for influx of 100,000 Myanmar refugees

    The escalating conflict in Myanmar has prompted Thailand to prepare for the potential influx of 100,000 displaced individuals, as stated by Foreign Affairs Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-nukara. The announcement came before a Thai Cabinet meeting aimed at discussing the intensifying situation in their neighbouring country. Parnpree urged all parties involved in the conflict to pursue peace negotiations. Currently, Myanmar is grappling…

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    Myanmar to execute 4 activists despite appeals

    The Myanmar junta still intend to execute 4 activists despite appeals from around 200 civil society organisations pleading with the military government to drop the ruling. The UN Amnesty International, and 199 civil society organisations have all backed a statement calling for the Myanmar junta to reverse their decision over the 4 activists. “We, the following organizations and world citizens…

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    Meta bans Myanmar military-owned telco from Facebook

    Myanmar’s military junta chief has woken up to find his partly-owned telecom company Mytel being barred from Facebook as Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s new company umbrella, is pulling the plug on business related to the Tatmadaw, the Burmese military. Facebook has nearly 29 million users in Myanmar, in a country with a population of 54 million. Mytel is on of…

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    Myanmar junta criticises UN’s decision for denying its envoy

    Myanmar military junta has criticised the decision by the United Nations today for denying its representative a seat at the world body and not kicking out an envoy appointed by Aung San Suu Kyi’s deposed government from his position. According to diplomats, the committee in charge of accepting ambassadorial nominations to the United Nations convened yesterday, but deferred a decision…

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    Burmese junta hands down 11-year sentence for US journalist Fenster

    US journalist Danny Fenster, the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar who was arrested while attempting to leave the embattled country in May has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. The military court found the 37 year old guilty of incitement and unlawful associations as well as immigration violations. While the court backed down so far on charges of terrorism…

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    Thailand corruption, Mixed vaccines, Delusions, The muppets | Thaiger Bites | Ep. 42

    Jay and Tim go through viewer comments from our Youtube shows, Facebook, Instagram and the Thaiger talk forum as things get heated.

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    Will Myanmar junta leader be given a seat at ASEAN summit?

    A summit of the members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will take place later this month and delegates are debating whether to include Myanmar or not. The troubled nation is a member of the association, but other nations are debating whether to recognise and invite the military junta leader that overthrew the elected government in Myanmar in February…

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    Burmese shadow government builds fighting Defence Force

    After Myanmar’s Feb 1 military coup threw the country into turmoil, a collection of deposed leaders formed the National Unity Government, who announced they were forming the People’s Defence Force to fight back. Yesterday the new military force was seen in a video of uniformed trainees finishing their instruction and prepared for combat. The video shows about 100 men marching…

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    Fears grow in Myanmar as military junta orders internet shutdown

    Pro-democracy activists in Myanmar are desperately trying to find alternative communication channels as the country’s internet blackout worsens. On Thursday, the military ordered internet providers to cut off wireless broadband access, despite businesses in the country calling for a halt to the ongoing disruption to service. Internet provider Ooredoo texted customers to inform them that the Burmese military has issued…

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    “Inside job” allegations as Yangon malls linked to Burmese military burn down

    2 Yangon department stores with links to the Burmese military have been burnt down overnight, with some saying it was an inside job. The Ruby Mart, in Kyauktadar Township, and The Gandamar Wholesale Center in Mayangone Township, are both affiliated with the military junta, and some suspect the fires were started with the intention of blaming pro-democracy protesters. Thai PBS…

  • Politics News

    Former PM Abhisit warns of more unrest if Parliament votes against charter re-write

    Former Thai PM Abhisit Vejjajiva (2008 to 2011) says if Parliament votes against the proposed re-write of the constitution during its 2 day session next week, it will only serve to worsen the ongoing political crisis. He says the resignation of PM Prayut Chan-o-cha and a dissolution of Parliament won’t be enough to solve the problem, without a re-write of…