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    Cambodian worker crushed by cement in crane accident

    A 28 year old Cambodian worker was crushed beneath a cascade of cement bags at approximately 10am today at a condominium construction site in Nonthaburi. Upon arrival at the site in Sai Noi district, responders were met with a harrowing sight: the victim, identified as Cambodian worker Boonharn Cherm, lay motionless on the ground floor, her life cut short by…

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    Toll evasion leads to Cambodian driver’s arrest, charges totalling 71,580 baht

    A Cambodian driver was apprehended by Highway Police yesterday after driving through a tollgate in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district without settling accrued toll charges totalling over 70,000 baht. The toll evasion arrest took place at 1.30am, led by the acting chief of Highway Police, Pol. Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew. In recent years, an effort was made to improve traffic flow…