• Thailand News

    Kenyan man claiming to be Jesus flees from crucifixion test

    A Kenyan man fled after villagers demanded a test of his claim to be Jesus Christ by suggesting he be crucified. Eliud Simiyu’s proclamation led to a viral social media frenzy, with the international media outlet Fatu Network reporting on the controversy that has now ensnared the small Kenyan town. Simiyu found himself at the centre of a potentially life-threatening…

  • World News

    Forensic analysis presents new image of Jesus, challenging centuries of traditional representation

    The Popular Mechanics platform sparked controversy by unveiling the potentially most accurate representation of Jesus, challenging the conventional image embraced by the Christian population in the Western world. Historically, Jesus has been depicted with long hair, a slim face, a beard, and a slender physique. Nevertheless, an examination of average skull patterns from Jewish individuals in Galilee, located in the…