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Why choose The Thaiger for your Savings and Investment Insurance?

Here at the Thaiger, we strive to protect and restore your dreams. We are one hundred per cent focused on your needs to help you find the best coverage at the best prices.

What is Saving and Investment Insurance?

Savings insurance is the amount of money you put aside for future use instead of spending immediately. On the other hand, investment insurance is money you allocate with the expectation of reaping some benefits in the future, which include the distribution of small sums of capital to generate benefit and grow your money over a period of time. Both are two of the easiest ways of optimizing your wealth to satisfy your families and personal goals.

We all buy into the notion of increasing our finances, but with so many excuses for spending, we quickly get side-tracked. It results in missed chances to improve our equity every time we put off saving and spending. To help you achieve your targets faster, you must agree to put aside a part of your income for investments and savings.

Savings/investments insurance can help you achieve your financial goals and secure your future. It builds a disciplined savings or investing habit due to the regular premium you have to pay. Ultimately, it provides you with financial security and growth.

To be eligible for the claims you and your beneficiaries will receive your policy returns before an unfortunate incident happens. In simple words, you secure your future and get payouts at any time.

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Advantages of Savings/Investment Insurance

It is recommended that before using up your income for monthly consumption, you save for future expenditure first, which is where savings/investment insurance can help you. In addition, it offers many other benefits. Here are some of the advantages of savings/investment insurance.

Saving for Future Goals

When it comes to meeting potential aspirations such as owning a new home, a child’s college, retirement plans etc., savings are a must.

Family’s Protection

In case of unfortunate death in your family, the dependent of the policyholder would be financially secured.

Good returns

Savings/investment insurance helps you get a higher return on your invested sum by monitoring your growth.

Investment Options

You get fixed interest securities such as government securities, corporate bonds, and money market instruments.


Every person is different, and so are their life goals and priorities. You get a variety of flexible features that can be customized to suit your needs.

What are the differences between savings and investment insurance?

Saving and investment are like two sides of a coin, and they both are equally imperative when it comes to financial planning. Below are the differences between the two.

Saving vs Investment

Saving is putting aside the money you don’t spend now for an emergency or for a future purchase, while investing is purchasing resources such as securities and mutual funds, hoping that your investment will make money for you.

Time Horizon

Savings can help you achieve long-term goals or can come into use during future emergencies. On the other hands, investments are long-term commitments to assets and are made to preserve and maximize the value of savings in the long run.


Savings reward long term buyers with bonuses and provides guaranteed returns. In contrast, investments offer higher returns but have a longer timeline and more risks.


When you deposit your savings account, you are lending the bank your money, and a savings account isn’t just as liquid as cash in hand. Investments vary in liquidity; stocks and mutual funds may take a day or two to be sold and convert to cash.

Customer Ratings


40 reviews

Customer Reviews


I got an investment plan through the thaiger for long-term benefits that also provides tax benefits. Glad to see that Thailand is finally having products like these

Jason Kenndy


Great experience, Great service. Noi, thank you for helping me through the process and making it enjoyable.

Jammie Mullins


Already inquired about an investment insurance plan, I hope that the rates and rebate are decent.

Samson V.


I have taken an investment plan to save and secure some money for the future, the rates that the bank game me was fair and they are offering good returns. thank you.

Joshua Mccane


Good details about products, but still would want to know more information before deciding on a long term plan

Corolina W.


I learned about numerous new information and exclusive plans on the thaiger website, which greatly aided me in choosing the best investment choices. The only reason not to give 5 stars is their partners took their time on calling me back.

Allyson Salinas

Savings/Investment Insurance Plans

Various savings/insurance plans are available, depending on your financial situation and risk preference. You can choose the plan that will fulfil your financial goals and lifestyle.

Maximize your money’s growth potential and prepare for your retirement. You can also choose when and how long you want to receive your preferred monthly retirement income.

Key Points

  • Life insurance coverage.
  • A portion of your premium is allocated to investment.
  • Monthly retirement income.

As we all know, life is risky, and it can be a huge deal for your life to stumble upon jobs, health, and economy problems. Pro Lifetime Plan is a wealth accumulation and protection plan that you can tailor to your needs.

Key Points

  • A portion or full amount of the premium is invested.
  • 100% life coverage.
  • Tax deductible.

Saving your money can be easy with the Super Saver Plan. This plan helps you build financial discipline by simply saving your money each month. You can enjoy an annual cash gain, cumulative rewards, and long-term life coverage.s

Key Points

  • Annual Cash Bonus.
  • Good Benefits.
  • Receive Higher Life Coverage.

Plan your future with Savings/Investment Insurance.

I decided to get savings/investment insurance to fulfil my responsibility to my family and loved ones. It makes me feel secure and gives me peace of mind that my family will always be protected even after I die. The Thaiger helped a lot in making the process easier, simple, and fast.

Top tip: Read the details of each plan well and choose based on your particular needs and condition.

How Can the Thaiger Help You?

The Thaiger helps you find for yourself the right insurance plan that fits your needs. We understand that everyone is different, which is why we offer flexible insurance plans from multiple providers. You get more choices, save more money, and get unbiased advice.

Join the many satisfied customers who’ve got their Saving and Investment Insurance with The Thaiger.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking a Savings/Investment Insurance

While the idea of investment is simple, it can be complicated to implement and follow the process. Below are some things you need to keep in mind before taking a savings/investment insurance.

The objective of savings/investment

Before making any investment and/or savings, you must determine if you are doing it for retirement, education, emergency savings, or any other specific objectives.

Be realistic about your investment

Many investing choices have minimum investment amounts, so decide how much you will invest before you draw up your investment plan.

Decide the holding period

In any savings/investment insurance plan, you need to decide on the holding period or a time frame for investment. Once you decide, it is vital to stick to the holding period.

How much risk can you bear

Some investments have a higher risk level, which means you will risk losing all your money. Therefore, it’s better to earn moderate returns than to experience losses.

Where you should invest

Make a list of all investment choices that fulfil your stated objective. Then, take the time to consider each instrument’s pros and cons. After that, pick the best investment option and do the top-down analysis.

Health Insurance

No one wants to become ill or get injured, but at any moment, a serious illness or accident can hit you. The cost of treating the illness or injury can cause severe financial strain on the savings you have accumulated over time, given the fact that the cost of medical care is continually growing today.

It is everybody’s dream to be financially stable. With growing medical costs, however, medication for diseases will simply blow into your savings. It may also be a difficult challenge to coordinate funds during a medical emergency. Health insurance can help you and protect you from the financial burden caused by any medical emergency.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Savings/Investment Insurance

Half of the benefits is savings after a certain time when you pay your insurance premiums and Insurance investment plans are like a two-for-one investment

As long as the sums are justified and you do not go over the insurability limit, you will own multiple life insurance plans

Saving insurance is an individual life insurance scheme for which the premium is deducted from the wages of an employee and submitted back to the company from the employer

Savings and investments are mutually connected. It is important to have a savings nest so that you are more in control of your future and life

Insurance enables losses and financial security to be minimized and encourages exchange and trade practices, resulting in economic growth and development. Thus, insurance plays a crucial role in an economy’s sustainable growth

Yes, with investment insurance all of your interest stays in the account, your earning gain even more interest in future years. You can then use that cash plan for your retirement or to supplement your income.

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