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News Forum - Thailand to lift quarantine for vaccinated tourists from low-risk countries


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9 minutes ago, Fluke said:

You completely missed my point .

My point was that if Thailand opens up now , considering the amount of vaccinations , less than 50 % of Thais have been fully vaccinated (and many of those have been vaccinated with the questionable Sino vaccine  ) if and when Thailand opens up again  , there will be a surge of infections due to half the Country not being inoculated . 

    Thailand will open up again soon and when the virus becomes rife again , the whole past 18 months of lock downs and restrictions would have been a complete waste of time  .

  Yes, the hi-sos, Politicians , Police, Army and students are all vaccinated , but its the majority of lo-so's Thais who are unvaccinated that will become infected in the future when Thailand opens up 

I totally agree with you, why have Western countries waited until the majority of their own country has been vaccinated before opening up, why does Thailand think it can get away with the level of vaccinations they have and not pay the consequences?

The West can allow their tourists to go to Thailand on holiday as it will be at no cost to them and politically it will ease the tensions from having been locked down, but Thailand will pay the price by having a large increase in covid cases.


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