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Can Thailand be ready to open on July 1? | VIDEO


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So here we are, about 5 weeks away from Thailand re-opening, again, to general travel. Except for the much publicised busload or two of Chinese tourists who have graced our shores over the past 6 months, tourism, has been very patchy. Well, statistically a lot closer to non-existent. Except for domestic travel, which the Thai government have been pumping up with billions in stimulus packages. Now, both the TAT and the Thai Sports and Tourism Minister have spent the last 2 months insisting that Thailand WILL re-open from July 1… specifically Phuket which is the first pilot location before they […]

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Excellent summary of the situation Tim - reality and Govt planning rarelky go hand in hand - but lately in Thailand they are not is the same postcode.  I loved the Aussie one liner you used : and what Darrel said both inside and outside his 'Castle 'applies to  99% of the things that come from the TAT spokesman - "'tell him he's dreaming" :) 


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Posted (edited)

Just watched the video.

My tthoughts are you don't need to open the floodgates.

Open to phuket for vaccinated people and keep comon sense regulations in place (I would even add the mask just for adding an unpleasent reminder).

I don't think Thailand need to open for the full Monty, don't allow hostess bars etc, it doesn't really matter.

Just open slowly for the people who would like to travel.

Just let me have a cold Leo on the beach or a cocktail in a bar after dinner.

What I would worry about for this reopening is, will thais be allowed in to phuket and leave without quarentine? I am specifically thinking if would like to come see your loved one how will that be possible? But then again it seems you will be able to skip the vaccine with private hospitals.

I like the idea of using islands for this, so that you can control who comes and leaves. But I don't understand the talk about opening up hua hin or Pattaya for sandbox/quarentine area. As how will you in control people going in and out?


Sorry,  for stupid speelings my dictionary have been arm wrestling me in this post

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Just to add I voluntarily came to thailand for a 10 day quarantine just too see my girlfriend, but I would be happy to go to a narrow area with beaches just to enjoy the sun... I mean come on my country is still raining and less than 15 degrees.

So do I want to travel to a country where I know the restrictions e.g. Canarie Islands, or Thailand (Phuket) where things can change several times from booking ticket to trailing to actual arrival?

It would be nice if Thailand could make actual legislation instead of promises.

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