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Wednesday Covid Update: Record high of 16,533 new cases


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4 minutes ago, gummy said:
9 minutes ago, Bluesofa said:

I would have thought the getting a silver would be very considerate, as you would have come second.

Not me , just happy judging the performances

Who would you be rooting for?

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3 hours ago, Chaimai said:

Paradise here.....just going for a couple of drinks with a neighbour.

Well paradise in my home, when reading the news hell starts

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Posted (edited)

virus is more dangerous than flu disease
but almost all people are not, even really sick ?
same at, new cases / daily infected people.

healthy people not get sick by "virus" as doctors say, but all have to wear mask ?
wear mask helps but need lockdowns ?
( people feel worse in time of ) lockdowns, helps
but need vaccineS, altough sicker people have, more trouble with vaccine ?

vaccines help but need vaccineS next yearS again ?
yearly vaccination helps, but most people not take flu vaccine and stay healthy ?
i wish all, scared people in world, to recover soon, from fear. :)

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On 7/28/2021 at 11:42 AM, Remi said:

This platform is limited for debating.

Or presenting information or to affirm.

I am sure if you doubt or agree you can do your own research.

Debating means you present facts. To present facts you provide their source. If you choose not to, that is up to you, but it weakens your argument if you simply state unsubstantiated opinions. Cheers

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