White center lines needed on roads near PIA

I would like to ask the relevant road works department to paint a center line on the road from Thepkrasattri Road to the Phuket International Academy and the Thanyapura Sport Complex.

It is just a matter of time before a student or visitor is hurt or killed by vehicles crossing over the middle of the road, into oncoming traffic. Having a center line to separate traffic would help to avoid this. Thank you.

Graham M’M, Thalang.

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We would like to thank for your concern. However, at this stage the Thepkrasattri Tambon Administration Organization (OrBorTor) has no plans to paint a center line along that road as we have not allocated any budget to do so because that road is not a main road. None of our councillors have raised the issue. However, I suggest that someone come to our office and file a complaint so that the issue can be formally raised and considered among road work authorities. Meanwhile, please drive with caution.

Boonyong Koktong, technician, Civil Works Division, Thepkrasattri OrBorTor.

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