Buying sex toys in Thailand

 I cannot find any shops in Phuket – or further afield in Thailand – that sell marital aids or sex toys. Are there any here? Or are such devices/shops illegal here? Am I allowed to buy them on the Internet and have them sent to me here?

Tanya Cheex, Phuket.

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If you think of sex toys and you willing to buy it from any Physical store in Thailand. Then sorry to say that it is not possible. Because in Thailand sex toys sell is banned. So you have only one option that buying sex toys from online sex toys store or eCommerce website. Now a days one website sales top quality sex toys at very low cost in Thailand. You will get it within 7 working days. They provide you discreet delivery and 100% genuine products.

Answered on August 20, 2019.
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Answered on September 9, 2019.
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It is illegal to open a sex shop in Phuket or anywhere else in Thailand. Such shops are not congruent with Thai morals or Thai law.

Pol Col Paween Pongsirin, Superintendent of Phuket City Police Station.

Answered on September 19, 2005.
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It is illegal to to buy or sell sex toys, or open a sex shop, in Thailand. It is also illegal to import such devices to Thailand. If you order sex toys on the Internet or have friends send them to you, and we discover them, we are required to confiscate them.

Sittisak Jai-Uae, Chief Inspector of Phuket Customs Office.

Answered on September 19, 2005.
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