Thailand Elite Visa Elite Easy Access

Understand the benefits and cost of Thailand’s easy access membership program.

What is Elite Easy Acess Member Programme

Thailand Elite Easy Access is the most popular Thai elite visa individual programme, with the name already implying a simple entry to Thailand, whether you’re travelling to Thailand for business or pleasure.

It is also one of the most cost-effective options among all the other elite visa programmes, with only a one-time application fee. It has a 5-year non-renewable validity period, a multiple-entry permit, and other benefits in the country. When your Easy Access membership expires, you can also renew it.

Key Points

  • Economical options among the other elite visa program.
  • Airport services and special discounts are included in the membership.
  • The visa is valid for 5 years and has multiple entries for both business and tourist purposes.

Elite Easy Access Top Benefits

When you join The Elite Easy Access, you will receive the following additional benefits to make your life in Thailand more exclusive:

1. Short-hauls (50 to 80 km) international flight VIP transfer service is provided 24 times per year.
2. Lounge and airport services.
3. Special discounts on restaurant and shopping malls.
4. Government-affiliated concierges
5. The option to upgrade to Elite Ultimate Privilege.
6. 24-hour English service
7. King Power duty-free benefits

The Elite Easy Access program allows everyone to apply and doesn’t need to follow specific conditions like other visas.

What does Elite Easy Access offer?

Easy Access will provide you with a Privilege Entry Visa, which is a multiple entry permit that allows you to enter and exit the country as often as you want until it expires (5 years validity). However, one important point to note is that each entry permit is only valid for one year. This means you’ll get a five-year membership and will have to leave the country once a year.

If you want to stay in the country for more than a year without leaving, you can apply for an extension of stay by making an appointment with customer service a few weeks ahead of time. The process is simple and allows you to continue working.

The Elite Easy Access is non-renewable which is very important to mention for every applicant and member. You need to require a new application when the membership reaches 5 years, to continue your membership or you also have the choice to upgrade to the Elite Ultimate Privilege.

With Thai Elite Easy Access, you’ll have access to plenty of benefits in Thailand.

Upgrade the privilege from Elite Easy Access

When you purchase an Elite Easy Access membership, you will have the option to upgrade to an Elite Ultimate Privilege membership, which will extend the validity of your membership from 5 to 20 years. It provides you with more benefits, including access to all of the exclusive benefits, such as golf and spa discounts, as well as an annual medical examination. Your family members are also entitled to an Elite Family Premium if you have an Elite Ultimate Privilege membership.

Elite Easy Access Membership Rates

For business people who travel to Thailand frequently, the Elite Easy Access membership is a popular choice. In addition to complimentary limousine transfers, an Elite Personal Assistant will assist you with airport formalities and immigration procedures, ensuring that you arrive at your destination quickly and easily. The membership is valid for 5 years with a membership fee of 600,000 baht.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your membership, Elite Easy Access offers you the option to upgrade to Elite Ultimate Privilege, which gives you a longer validity period and more exclusive benefits. However, there is a 1.5 million baht upgrade fee.

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