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Top 10 Hangover Cures

as researched, often, by Donna Toon
There are so many wonderful benefits of living in Thailand, good, cheap, delicious food, fabulous beaches and the ability to have a massage weekly without blowing the budget to name just a few.

However one negative is the extremely over inflated price of alcoholic beverages in Thailand which might encourage us to drink cheaper choices more often than we would like, tipping us over the edge.

We’re here to help. Here is the top ten ways to battle your hangover. Your welcome!!!

1. Don’t drink so much

An obvious statement but try and stay within your own limits and don’t consume as much as you would normally. Perhaps move to sparkling water or mocktails later in the evening or alternate between alcoholic beverages.

2. Have Vitamin C before

Take a 800 – 1000 mg Vitamin C capsule before you indulge. This will not help you from getting drunk, however it has been proven to help with toxicity the next day, lessening the effects of a hangover. It certainly won’t do you any harm.

3. Take Milk Thistle before

Can be quite tricky to find here in Phuket, however it is around if you hunt, especially in International-branded pharmacies. This herb is known to improve the livers ability to absorb alcohol.

Milk Thistle as a hangover cure

4. Book an exercise class for the next day

This is one of my favourite prevention techniques. Yes, prevention. I am often at Yoga Republic in Cherngtalay on a Sunday morning at 9.15. Also there are a number of charity runs and other events happening every Sunday around the island. A good sweat will help work whatever ails you out of your system and help you focus on doing something positive for your health, as opposed to what you were doing the night before. By knowing you have to exercise the next day it will be a gentle reminder at the back of your mind that you have to get up the next morning.

5. Take a multivitamin before you go to sleep

Drinking sucks your body of important minerals, especially magnesium, potassium and zinc, so pop a multi mineral vitamin and a large glass of water before hitting the pillow. Even if the real health benefits are either over-estimated or non existent, at least you’re putting something into your mouth besides more alcohol!

6. Drink plenty of water

A hangover is the body’s way of saying “hey I’m dehydrated, give me water now!” It can be quite difficult but try your very best to go one for one with your drink and a glass of water. Don’t forget to have a large glass before heading to bed, it’s nature’s best medicine.

7. Pace yourself

It’s not a race, while your out having a good time with your friends and loved ones, take your time and enjoy the moment, it may even change the mindset of others too.

8. Drink coconut water before you head out

We are very lucky on our tropical island to have an abundance of fresh coconuts at our fingertips. Not only are they a low calorie and low fat refreshment,  they also provide important electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium which helps fights off the fuzzy effects of a hangover.

9. Eat whilst you drink and before you drink

I always try to eat before heading out for a night on the town, even if dinner is on the cards, nuts at the bar, though high in calories also help the body to stave off hunger and the effects of drinking on an empty stomach.

10. Avoid sugary drinks and food

We are all well aware of the effects of refined sugar on our bodies and well being – moderation is the keyall day and everyday – especially if we are heading out for a couple of drinks. Sugar can play havoc with the immune system and could trigger inflammation, which can affect your mental processes the next day.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you, prevention is better than cure. Drink less and enjoy life more.

Donna Toon

Originally from New Zealand, Donna Toon has been living in Thailand for the last 9 years with her husband Scot and their two boys Jackson and Oliver. After graduating with a Degree in Hospitality Management, Donna has travelled the world with a desire to develop her craft. A recent move from hospitality has seen Donna immerse herself into the media and radio industry, consulting for a number of media companies.

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  • Eat 2 Wonton soups from Seven Eleven before you go to sleep and this should lessen the hangover.

    It won't help the next day because you need to dilute the alcohol before its fully digested.

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Donna Toon

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