Light me up! Like the human animal that I am

by Hayden Rhodes @ Healthy Richuals

Sunlight is one of the best medicines for your brain and body

Think of it like this…

The light bulb has been around since 1879. In other words, human beings have only benefited from this invention for 140 years. (Give or take) Prior to that, our main source of bright light was from the sun or moon.

For the most part of human history we woke up with the sun, played under the sun’s rays all day long and slowed down when the sun dipped over the horizon.

That went on for, like… tens of thousands of years.

Human beings are animals

Years later, we know that humans have the same number of genes as a worm and our DNA is 99% the same as a chimpanzee. We are biological creatures that evolved on this planet, like every other animal on earth.

Other animals however, live in accordance with natural rhythms dished out by mother nature. They accept the cycles of the sun and moon and naturally adhere to the laws of nature. Owls hunt at night, bears hibernate in winter, cows like to eat grass during the day.

Human beings on the other hand, want to ignore the rhythms of big mother nature. We want to use our intelligence to ‘hack’ natural laws, ignoring the wisdom of our ancestors. After all, what is wrong with looking at technological screens late at night and working under artificial lights all day long? We are intelligent human animals – we can ignore silly laws!

Wrong. Things will go very wrong

Look around the planet right now. Depression rising. Anxiety out of every orifice. Low energy, over weight, over burdened animals on every continent. One of the main reasons for this lack of vitality is living out of sync with natural rhythms and not enough real sunlight on a daily basis.

You see nature is a part of us and we are a part of nature. Real sunlight in our eyes and on our skin is a vital part of being a healthy human animal.

Planet earth allowed us to exist and thrive – sure – having a big brain helped, yet we must use that intelligent brain and wake up! We evolved as animals intimately connected with an incredible planet. A planet by the way, that provides everything we require for survival.

For the sake of ourselves and our children lets get back in sync with nature like we did for hundreds of thousands of years and regain our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Try naked sunbathing on sunset 🙂 Pass it on.

You can hear Hayden with more pearls of wisdom every morning around 8.15am on The Thaiger 102.75 FM.

Hayden Rhodes, Club Manager RPM Health Club, Phuket, Master Performance Coach & International Wellness Speaker

Follow Hayden Rhodes on Instagram and Facebook at HealthyRichuals.

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