CoolSculpting: What is it and why is it so popular in Thailand?

“There is a growing trend for alternative body contouring treatments. Consequently, many medical tourists turn to CoolSculpting with some incredible before and after results, as well as reduced recovery time without the need for anaesthetic or incisions.”

Darren Lyons from has noticed the upward curve in alternative non-invasive liposuction and vaser liposuction treatments in Thailand. Known as Coolsculpting or Zeltiq, this type of cryolipolysis or fat freezing seems to be very popular for a host of reasons.

Firstly, unlike CoolSculpting, liposuction tends to leave scarring where the cannula is placed directly into the skin opening. Moreover, local or general anesthetic is necessary with recovery taking up to a month, whilst CoolSculpting requires hardly any recovery time.

So, how does it work? A medical surgeon will apply cooling targeted deposits between 5 degrees and minus 11 Celsius in order to reshape the body contours. This particular cooling technique leads to fatty tissue cells dying out with no harm to the skin.

“Popular areas for CoolSculpting include places where there is excess fat buildup such as the hips and stomach. Medical tourists prefer to visit so they can eradicate their love handles or muffin tops around these specific areas. This in turn boosts patient confidence and provides an enhanced appearance,” adds Darren.

Taking just three hours in total, results are noticeable in less than three months. Despite CoolSculpting’s growing success and rave reviews, this surgical procedure carries a few short-term risks and side effects. These include aches in the specific treatment area, numbness, soreness and tingling.

Currently, Thailand is at the forefront of medical tourism with convenient air travel and access to a variety of invasive and non-invasive treatments including CoolSculpting. It is now welcoming medical tourists across the globe who are seeking cost-effective treatment and an unforgettable vacation.

Boasting 60-plus modern JCI accredited facilities, cross-border and overseas patients are attracted to Thailand’s blend of pristine golden sands, pioneering cityscapes, rich heritage and ancient monuments. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai and glorious Phuket, medical tourists are flocking to enjoy first-class healthcare, affordable rates, impeccable service, extensive facilities and highly qualified specialists.

Take for example the impressive Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort. Featuring 23 hectares, it offers bespoke treatment plans, laundry, an on-site pharmacy and a 50 metre swimming pool (enquire at today for discounted rates).

Meanwhile, the JCI-accredited Yahnee International Hospital in the Thai capital treats more than 10,000 patients every year. With more than 400 beds across 15 floors, this renowned building is a comprehensive facility with nearly 200 doctors, 800 nurses and more than 100 dedicated staff. Performing breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts and a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery, medical tourists receive exactly the same levels of care than they would experience back home.

It is no surprise that Thailand now finds itself among the top three medical tourism destinations. With a global medical visitor’s map stretching from Europe to South East Asia and even China, this Land of Smiles is proving to be irresistible for so many medical tourists.

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