The art of Thai massage – Chann Wellness Spa, Kamala

Time to relax, time to be pampered. You deserve some ‘me’ time to get refreshed and be indulged at the Chann Wellness Spa at Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, Phuket in Kamala. Tim Newton headed to Kamala for an hour of well-deserved pampering.

Chann Wellness Spa is one of the island’s most established spas combining experienced staff, the right ‘mood’ and a perfect location on the shores of Phuket’s west coast.

Chann Wellness Spa has their own Signature Massage which is a full body traditional Thai massage using essential ‘energising’ oils containing lemongrass, ginger and verbena.

Find out more about the art of the Chann Spa massage HERE.

The spa is visited mostly by guests of the Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa but is becoming increasingly busy with locals who know about Chann’s quality and experience. Many guests from the Thavorn Palm Beach Resort also visit the Kamala property to enjoy some relaxing therapy.

Massages come in many varieties as well as ‘soft, medium of strong’. I like a ‘medium’ which I can dial up to ‘strong’ when needed. My masseuse was Khun Natty who did her training with official Chiang Mai Government masseuse training. Lots of experience makes all the difference.

Chann Wellness Spa operates from its own building amidst the sprawling Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa facility, just moments away from the beach. The spa has been operating for over 10 years, bringing pleasure, comfort and relaxation to its customers.

Chann Spa features 10 individual treatment rooms and a Relaxation Sala. All of the treatments use bespoke signature spa products, with ingredients to soothe, rejuvenate and invigorate your body leaving you feeling totally relaxed. And in today’s hurly burly world sometimes it’s exactly what we need.

The spa was a deserved winner of the “Best Luxury Wellness Spa” from the World Luxury Spa Awards in 2017 – a culmination of the decade perfecting the craft of relaxing and rejuvenating tired, sore and stressed bodies.

I had the Signature massage, a traditional Thai massage where Khun Natty perfectly tuned the pressures and techniques to my requests. An hour of total relaxation where I turned off and just let Chann Spa take care of me.

But how trying their Mango Sticky Rice skin treatment package? It blends a Thai favourite with the known benefits of antioxidants, vitamins and energy.

Getting a Thai massage is almost ubiquitous in Thailand. There are many options but few that can boast a decade developing a reputation and experience that Chann Spa can offer.

Finishing my treatment with Natty, I was floating on air and quite happy just to ‘chill’ with the sounds of nature and the music maintaining me in the ‘relax’ zone for a just a little longer.

Find out more about the Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa experience HERE.

Tim and Masseuse ‘Natty’

Tim Newton was a guest of the Chann Spa and the Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa, Kamala.

Tim Newton

Tim Newton has lived in Thailand since 2012. An Australian, he has worked in the media, principally radio and TV, for nearly 40 years. He has won the Deutsche Welle Award for best radio talk program, presented 3,200 radio news bulletins in Thailand alone, hosted 360 daily TV news programs, produced 1,800 videos, TV commercials and documentaries and now produces digital media for The Thaiger - Website, Radio, TV, Instagram and Facebook.

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