5 Reasons to head to the Top Of The Gulf Regatta 2018

Now entering its 14th year, the Top of the Gulf Regatta at Ocean Marina in Pattaya has grown to become an award-winning multi-class regatta held annually in the Gulf of Thailand.

Homed at Ocean Marina Yacht Club, the regatta has morphed from its humble roots into one of the largest sailing events in Asia today, and attract sailors of all abilities and ages from more than 25 countries each year.

Here are five reasons why you should be in Pattaya from April 27 to May 1, 2018, together with hundreds of other sailors and yachts, for the 14th Top of the Gulf Regatta.

1) Close And Competitive Racing
Top of the Gulf Regatta is known for its international standard race management and close and competitive racing across all classes. Separate race courses and on-water race officials for the Optimists, dinghy fleets, and keelboat and multihull fleets, ensures the best race experience for all competitors.

2) Inclusive Regatta – Racing For All
Top of the Gulf Regatta attracts a diverse range of boats across 12 classes, from Optimists, single-handed and double-handed dinghies to one-design Platus, cruisers, IRC yachts and multihulls. There’s even a radio controlled class which this year will see more than 20 competitors.

Sailors that take part are also varied ranging from youngsters to past Olympians and regional champions, sailing pros and weekend sailors. The event caters for all, both on and off the water, and offers fun and competitive racing in a warm and friendly environment.

3) The Après-Race Scene
Regattas in Thailand are famous for their onshore parties and Thai hospitality, and Top of the Gulf Regatta is no different. With a focus on the outdoors sailors gather each evening on the lawn, discuss the day’s action, and enjoy the select free-flow drinks each night. With a comprehensive social programme that is all-inclusive in the entry fee, the regatta finishes with a sumptuous gala dinner under the stars right on the marina front hosted by Ocean Marina Yacht Club.

4) Make A Holiday Of It
Pattaya is easily accessible from Bangkok and just 45 minutes away from Ocean Marina Yacht Club is U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport which services international flights from Air Asia, Qatar Airways, Thai Lion Air, Nok Air and more.

Once in Pattaya there’s plenty to do for crews and families. Either side of the regatta you can explore the stunning coastline and offshore islands, quiet coves and idyllic beaches, while onshore you can visit the nearby vineyard, enjoy the country’s best waterparks, visit Thai temples and explore the excellent dining options.

For visiting yachts and crew, free transfers are offered from U-Tapao Rayong-Pattaya International Airport to Ocean Marina Yacht Club HERE and for those interested to fly-in, charter and fly-out, a selection of yachts for charter are listed HERE.

5) Safe And Secure Marina Home
At the heart of Top of the Gulf Regatta is it’s home, the Ocean Marina Yacht Club. All participating keelboats and multihulls are allocated a wet berth free of charge for the duration of the regatta. Within five minutes of boarding crews will be out of the marina and on their way to the start, and once the day’s racing is finished crews can tie up to the dock and enjoy the onshore functions with peace of mind their yacht is safe and secure.

Tanutam Thawan

Local Thai journalist speaking fluent Thai and English. Tanutam studied in Khon Kaen before attending Bangkok’s Chulalongkhorn University.

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Tanutam Thawan

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