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12 deaths after vaccination not linked to Covid-19 vaccine


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Results are still pending on 16 cases, but investigations on 12 people who died after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine were concluded, finding their deaths to be coincidental. The Department of Disease Control said yesterday that the Covid-19 vaccine was not the cause of death in these 12 cases. The director for emergency health hazards and disease within the DDC reported these findings after experts spent a lot of time carefully studying each person’s medical treatment records, lab test, autopsy report, and details in each case. In those 12 instances, they found causes of the deaths mostly blood-related, which they determined […]

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1 hour ago, Thaiger said:

with one person dying from a blood disease called immune thrombotic thrombocytopenic

This sounds a lot like Vaccine Induced thrombotic thrombocytopenic (VITT) which is specifically a condition discovered after AZ and Johnson & Johnson were released to the public, and the reason these 2 vaccines are not used in Denmark.

So I think that death sounds like it was caused by the vaccine, unless the condition arrived from a different medication.

VITT is supposedly complicating 1/40,000 cases from AZ, so unfortunately there will likely soon be more cases with this condition.



I am not trying to scare anyone, covid is more dangerous, it just stood out to me in the article that because death was due to thrombotic thrombocytopenic the vaccine was ruled out, which to me sounded completely opposite.

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