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New 90 day online reporting website up and running …….. sort of !


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As the title says, a new website is up and running from today ( Dec 3rd ).

A little misleading, we wouldn’t have it any other way 😀, as initially it asks for your email address and a password, but in reality it takes your email address, generates a password and sends it to you ( mine arrived in my gmail spam/junk folder) a couple of hours later. Reminiscent of expatvac registration.

With this password you will be able to access the form for attempting a 90 days online report, also a tab to check the status of your application .

At this point you should be able to see this page:



But as my next report isn’t due until Jan 25th I am unable to go any further, reports elsewhere has one poster with a “pending “ situation.

Whether this will replace the current hit and miss website, or the more miss than hit App , remains to be seen.

Give it a go guys, you know you want to 😀

Here’s the website:





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Still has me on 165 days overstay, hub of incompetence ! As for the URL above I get- unable to connect.

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5 minutes ago, Sarisin said:

Still has me on 165 days overstay, hub of incompetence ! As for the URL above I get- unable to connect.

The App , has me on 69 day overstay, which is my last extension day.

The URL gives me :


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I registered for the Online reporting yesterday, no problem.

However, I received back a confirmation email from Thai Immigration which gave out passport details of a Dutch guy in Bangkok. A bit worrying if they have given out my details to someone else in turn! There doesn't seem to be any contact details to notify Immigration of this data leak.

Advice anyone? 

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Is there a new Android app for this 'new' system?

I used the 'old' app before, it worked fine.
I've just successfully registered for the new system using my laptop. This supplied a password, meaning I can't use the old Android app as that remembers my 'old' password.
When searching Playstore I can only see what appears to be the old app, and that recognises I have it installed already.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Soo, I finally got the chance to try out the new 90 days online reporting website.

My history: I could successfully do 90 days online using the old website until my last extension , since then has prompted “ visit your immigration office “ , which I did.

The app stated I was on overstay, back to my extension date, and never worked for me.


Last night i filed a report, got the acknowledgment email ( not approval ) almost instantly and gave me a pending status.

Just now i got approval email , 21 hours after filing, for April 11th , which is 90 days from today.

Soo, happy to get it working again 🙂



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  • 3 weeks later...

I submitted the application online and soon it was rejected. No details in the email. Just they wrote that I should go to a local immigration office in person.

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Update on old vs new.

I ended up with 2 x 90 day due dates, one on the new and on the old 9 days apart.

The first day I can do a report on the old system is today so I logged in to the old URL. It displayed my last 3 online reports correctly using the old style status update.

When I chose the new report option it took me to the login screen for the new system.

The new system was up to date with the pdf for my next appointment.

So it looks like the old system is there for looking at your history, but is redundant for new reports.

And everything is now directed to the new system.

Hope this makes sense.



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  • 2 weeks later...

So 2 days ago I got an automatic email from Immigration reminding me my next 90 day is due on 16th March, so I did a report online yesterday. I got an instant email by return with the completed TM47, and the status on the web site showed 'Pending'.

Today I got another automated email to say my report was now 'Approved'.

Printed off the next appointment slip for my passport and that was it. This is how it should work.


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