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Online video for Thai licence..?

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I'm sure I read on a forum over the last week or so that part of the driving licence renewal process now includes an online video applicants have to watch.. (I know I normally skip the 'classroom' part of the renewal test).

...Is this correct..? Has any members on here knowledge of the link..?  Is it for Thai nationals AND Non nationals..?

    Any advice would be welcome..TIA.

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Like you I was never previously required to watch the (Thai video) until renewing my 5 year licence this year as they now have a new English language video. I was fortunate enough to just walk into my local DLT, no appointment necessary, just before restrictions were applied.

Then some DLT offices closed or restricted services, appointments became necessary and some gave an online link to watch the video. Only your own DLT can inform you of the current procedures and if you have to watch the video at the DLT, an online local link, or you'll be allowed to forego the pleasure.

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It's actually a one hour series of videos, plus an "exam" at the end which consists of four questions... you have to answer three of them correctly.


They set it up so you can't switch to another tab in your browser, and you can't walk away and come back in an hour, you have to pay attention and click a button at random moments to prove you're still there. But, if you insist, you can mute the sound and play music, or look at your phone for an hour.

As for the exam at the end, the questions I got had no relation whatsoever to the videos I just watched. If you really get stumped by the exam you can google the question and find the correct answer, but it's really not difficult. At the end they don't really say "you passed", you will just get a QR code which you must bring with you to the DLT. The exam score is valid for 6 months.


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