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Thai Drivers Licence Renewal.

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Hi there, I need to renew my Thai drivers licence early next year. I own a house in Bangkok and a condo in Pattaya. Given that the 2 properties are in my wifes name, can I renew my licence in Bangkok or Pattaya? Can I show the titles to either office or must it be the registered address on my one year visa. Thanks

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If you get a Certificate of Residence from your normal immigration office that will do the job. What address is on your current TM30? That is the one that you will get a Cert of Res for.  

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Thanks for your reply. My address with immigration is my condo in Naklua. It's much easier to renew a drivers licence near my house in Bangkok and never really gets busy unlike the Pattaya office. I only use my condo address as it's much easier to get a retirement visa using an agent in Pattaya. I wouldn't even try that in Bangkok for obvious reasons. We have 2 property titles both in my wifes name. So it appears I must use the Naklua address which the immigration office in Jomtien has. Thanks again.

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7 minutes ago, gazmo16 said:

Can you use the current driving licence with the home address as proof of your home address ?  

Usually it will be accepted by the police in your local area.  Banks and a lot of official institutions, no.

If you travel out of province take your passport, personally I have used my driving licence to check in to hotels around Thailand but this can be hit and miss. Some accept it others will not. 

Think it is more fear that drives the unacceptance, scared they might get caught out in some way.

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