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News Forum - PM declares Thailand ready to re-open


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6 hours ago, reklawtc said:

I wonder what the criteria is for choosing those 5 countries ($$$$$).  I live in Canada and our rate of full vaccination is 73% which is is higher the the US, UK and Germany.   The rate is even higher if you exclude those not currently eligible for the vaccine.  Hopefully, the Thai Government will be enlightened enough to realize that a fully vaccinated tourist is the same regardless of what country they are coming from.  Would love to see my son again in Bangkok but alas.....

I can’t see the logic in the list at all. Canada is a prime example of a country that is relatively safe. I guess no one from the Thai media thought to ask a question about criteria for being on the list. Too confrontational I would imagine. Smile, Wai, quick pictire and then move on. 

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16 hours ago, Lowseasonlover said:

He wants to re open without the bars 

Im starting to think these are "tests" of who will take the bait to support their "new thailand"

Long ago was hiso chinese investors....nothing

Lets throw any and every idea we have to try and get the deep pockets here as the loso folks crash the gate

Well..the chinese arent coming, lets try the indians,..nope..russians..nada....etc....lowering the bar slowly...

Koreans and golfing(crickets).....is like a sliding scale of Hiso to Loso and whom they think has the most $$$

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