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stock market trading, invest, what stock do you guys own?


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Ever since I was 18 I was always fascinated by the stock market, although I didn't have a clue what i was doing when I first started and still to this day, I lack a lot of basic knowledge of finance and experience to truly understand stock company fundamentals but I have found ways to still be profitable while not having as much knowledge as another person may have. This is mainly through paying for financial information/advice and market news/data.


Every few years I always tried making money in the stock market, id make some, lose some, lose interest and quit, but covid changed things, so many peers/friends were making money in the stock market it started becoming more and more of a common theme to be a winner than a loser, although I have a feeling this won't last forever (or much longer).


I saved up as much money as I could the past year working as much as I could and am now living off of strictly investment income, I quit my job temporarily and I am getting more and more interested in the stock market and was curious what stocks people are investing in or trading?


I personally only trade stocks short term (day trade/swing trade), when I find a really good opportunity that is almost guaranteed to make money, usually these are technology stocks which have some sort of catalyst that isn't on the mainstream news yet and I only try to make a small profit 0.3-1% on the trade and cut losses quickly as well if things go south, otherwise I don't try to time the market. 


All my long term investments are in index funds/etf's/mega-cap companies, companies which I personally use and are being recommended by investment advisors I trust.


I personally don't invest long term in companies that have a high risk/reward, curious if people are? Also curious if anyone else is using the stock market as their main source of income?

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