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Poland - Is the EU starting to crumble


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23 minutes ago, gummy said:

Not in my opinion as that is the past. It is the way that countries within the EU are currently behaving that will cause the EU to crumble or not. So again if I see further deliberately deflective posts, I shall report them.

Of course I disagree. So report away ... if you think your opinion is the only one that counts. 

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On 10/12/2021 at 2:20 PM, Soidog said:

Agreed. A good democracy has a good opposition to challenge a particular point of view. What frustrates me, is that in recent years, good and sound policies such as environmental damage through pollution, efficiency in the use of energy, better social care for elderly and people with mental illness, better employment laws and employee engagement to help companies flourish and equal rights have all been hijacked by the left. As soon as you question any aspect of how the left want to tackle these issues you get shot down. Efficiency in energy is is a great example. The left want to achieve this through carbon tax and by handing out “free” money to insulate homes. I believe this should be achieved through better technologies and creative thinking and investment by entrepreneurs. I’m regarded as a planet killing Nazi if I dare utter those words 😂😂

BOWLED. As the middle stump cart wheels in the air Soidog yet again strikes. The Clown XI in big trouble as the common sense bowling attack claims another scalp.

Couldn't agree with you more. Our voices may be dampened by bias media reporting, hollywood woke fueled propaganda and censorship in social media platforms but the lefts hijacking of freedom of speech has a massive wall blocking it called democracy and cannot dismantle.

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