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Calling all Poets!

King Cotton

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The Frolicsome Kick of the Limerick, as pioneered by Edward Lear and others

 Anyone feeling that creative urge to write poetry like those crazy dudes, who for centuries have kept the Limerick river flowing?

Like the tried and tested favourites that somehow I’ve remembered for over 60 years . . .


There was a young lady from Tottenham,

Who’d no manners, unless she’d forgotten ‘em,

At tea at the vicars,

She tore off her knickers,

Because, she explained, she felt hot in ‘em.


There once was a man from Montrose,

Who’d no pockets in all of his clothes,

When asked by his lass

Where he carried his brass,

He said “Darling, I pay through the nose.”


Or the utterly nonsensical ones like this old favourite . . .

There once was a man from Dunoon,

Who always ate soup with a fork.

He said "Since I eat

Neither fish, fowl nor flesh,

I should finish my dinner too quick."


Here’s my rework: just as silly but with a nice hubby & wife twist

There was a young man from Dunoon,

Who always ate soup with a fork,

When asked by his wife

If he might try a knife,

He said “Darling, don’t be so absurd.”


And, for when the Limerick meter grows tedious, anything goes . . .

I always eat peas with honey,

I’ve done it all my life,

They do taste kind of funny,

But it keeps them on the knife.


Anyone feeling the urge to be just as frolicsome as Edward Lear and his pals?

Whilst there are countless Limericks on Google, I'm looking for members' original creations and who knows . . . there may be a BAFTA-like award up for grabs . . . the TTALW award in our case!

Nonsense, innuendo or just sublime poetry . . . anything goes as long as it’s not too rude!



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27 minutes ago, NCC1701A said:

i could be a poet and don't know it

Thanks, @NCC1701A. I know it but it would be heartless to tell you 😂

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