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any sauna lovers here? 

as am from cold country, in winter times i was in sauna up to 5 times a week.

even summer time, still couple of sessions of sauna was always something that i looked forward to after long day. 

better sleep and even better vitaliyzed mornings.

here in Thailand not so much sauna time over last half a decade. 

living in CM i used to visit CR every now and then and there stayed at pimaninn hotel. they have fitness and pool center there and a little sauna for cheap. 

In CM i have been some resorts and spas with saunas but nothing too great for atmosphere or price wise.. 


Hows your sauna experience here? 

ps: i did findout when i moved here that there is saunas here and there and those kinky guysaunas not me style:)

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Hot bath or jakuzys(?) are one alternative to sauna. 

been at san khapheng hot springs, there is little resort that has bathrooms with shkwer and bath connected to hotspring. 

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Thank you ThaiChapter and Andrew Reeve and since I am a resident of Bangkok have now bookmarked the link for future use.

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Oasis Spa Pattaya, impressive service and very clean and convenient to use. Excellent massage and spa massage and treatments and will be going back for more relaxation in the near future.

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