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Mr Sandbox, Bill Barnett: "learn to live with it"


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In today's video, Mr Sandbox, Bill Barnett, reasons, we "just got to learn to live with it (Covid)".

This is a dangerous proposition, as if there was not a solution to this deadly problem, and someone responsible for this happening in turtle speed.

Only when we are all safe, will we all be safe, and will not "have to learn with it".

I would have more sympathy for Mr Sandbox' pragmatism if he had addressed the solution we are waiting for, but he is all crickets.

TheThaiger and its contributors must do all it possible can to target the roll out in its coverage, and leave up to the victims to the non-roll out to decide if they can "learn to live with it". Perhaps cover how some have "learned to live with it" would be more usefull than Mr Sandbox' Trumpian cheerleading efforts.



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Bill has an interest in getting tourists back to Thailand regardless of the cost to either the tourists or to the Thai people themselves. If you hurt your knee and go to a physical therapist you'll be subjected to endless stretching and strengthening exercises. If you go to an orthopedic surgeon you'll have surgery scheduled which will be followed by all the stuff with the physical therapist anyway. Listening to Bill is like that. He's got an agenda and does nothing to hide that it's all about his needs. So: SURGERY! oops... SANDBOX! But that doesn't prevent Thailand or its people from going through the hard work of actually getting better.

Luckily, the Sandbox is moving to its own agenda driven by the market. people will come in - a few hundred a day - and other people will see that they didn't all die or get thrown into quarantine. The counts will increase and things will finally stabilize at a new normal. It's happening now. My friends in Thailand are saying that the people they know have almost completely stopped going through ASQ and are choosing Phuket. Fingers crossed that this ends up working out for everybody.

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