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Wat Crematories Accepting COVID Deaths


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I recently saw a Thai video where a monk in a neighboring province to Bangkok is the undertaker.  They are providing crematory services for those passing with COVID.  The monk was somewhat critical of other wats with crematories saying they collected support money in the good times and, now that bad times are here, they should be servicing those same families experiencing the death of a love one due to COVID.

I would very much like to receive a list of wats throughout the country providing crematory services to COVID victims.  I would like to donate to them and I want to personally visit them on our next visit to the Kingdom.  Can the Thaiger provide a listing of wats throughout the country (as much as possible) providing crematory services? 

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LV-Halo.  That is an admirable thing you are suggesting and I do appreciate that you are not here in Thailand from your comments. However your generous offer of support to those needy Monks need not wait until your come here, whenever that is, as I would suggest that nearly all Monks in Thailand would be more than happy to accept your donations if you send it to them via Western Union

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1 hour ago, Chaimai said:

If LVHalo has any knowledge of Thailand, this must surely be a wind-up.

I look forward to seeing colinneil’s erudite comments on the monks.

I agree with you but perhaps you did not notice the level of sarcasm in my post earlier ?

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As a rule of thumb I find about 80% of the temples in Thailand are either corrupt or have lost their way. The way to know is a temple is good or not is easy and can be determined on sight usually within moments of entering. 

1. Do they pander for money from the off ?

2. Does the temple look dirty or unkempt  ?

3. Are the monks smoking , fat , lazing around aimlessly , playing with phones  with many having tattoos and a scouly look at the curious farang ?

4. Are the temple grounds thronged with lottery sellers, clairvoyants, and tat sellers ?

If so then they are what they are. It's a shame so many good hearted kind Thais don't see what I see so easily. 

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