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I can't seem to make any friends living here in Thailand.


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40 minutes ago, Smithydog said:

I was in similar circumstances in my village. I am still a novice when it comes to the Thai Language despite learning some of the Bangkok version when on Phuket and was steadily improving apart from getting the tonal use! I still can't seem to hear the difference sometimes. However the village uses a strong Issan influence with different words. Even my Thai wife struggled at times to understand as she had used the Bangkok version in Phuket. Luckily, a retired Thai teacher living next door kindly helped with my skills. 

It was him who helped me recall the old lessons about communication. How the words and how you say them are only part of how a message is translated. I started to include walks around the village as part of my daily exercise routine. I helped with village tasks, kept my opinions to myself, smiled and laughed. I learnt how to respect the strong Buddhist beliefs in the village even attending Temple, though my understanding overall of the religion is still poor. 

I started noticing the villagers acknowledging me more rather than just ignoring me. Some even started to use their basic English to try and speak and we would have a laugh at our attempts at language exchange. Have I made Thai friends? Not as yet. We are still travelling down the road to true friendship. 

Like you i respect Thai religion and beliefs,things they consider good luck and so forth.I have not mastered Thai and only speak a little, the village accepts the farang living here and i give them some jobs now and again,the biggest was building our house 3yrs ago,only small ,but our land is very big with fruit tree's and vegetables which i get to make my wine from.I also respect my own religion C of E. i like Thai culture but some traditional views they have are a little difficult to understand at times,i also cannot eat some of the things they chew on in Issan.You are lucky to have had a teacher mumble a few words and hope for the best but love it and my life here is so much better than the u.k,hoping the bubble never bursts and live day by day is my thinking.

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On 7/25/2021 at 10:47 PM, TiT said:

I feel like most expats in Thailand make poor friends, most of them have issues.  Count your blessings that you aren't being approached by these people, as they usually have an angle or side hustle going on.  There is a reason so many expats avoid each other like the plague.

I have 0 friends - but I'm happy!

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