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Nestle’s “Negrita” cookie to get new, non race based name


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This, right here, is how China is taking over in the world. They don't give a sht about such things. Just keep working. In the west, they find a solution to everything, so they're going to invent problems. 

Never have I thought anything negative with products like these. As long as it's not a negative thought, it's not racism. The only way you could think negative, it's when you say: I don't like this little black person, but you actually just mean the cookie. 

But I guess everyone likes chocolate, isn't it? 

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4 hours ago, Soidog said:

I was asked this very question at work a couple of months ago via an email from HR asking me to register my pronoun preference.

This happened to me last month. I responded saying my pronoun is "Vociferon, Herald of the Winter Mists" and they've left me alone since then.

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Not understanding why that is even an issue. The word means black or black woman. It’s descriptive, not racist. Thais should know this. Chocolate man is a black guy because he has chocolate colored skin. It’s descriptive and certainly not said as some type of derogatory or shameful word. Lighten up people, stop looking for reasons to be offended. 

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12 hours ago, DontacoXII said:

The word means black or black woman.

Exactly. Context is paramount. Considering the forum we're currently on, the issue of "farang" has been raised multiple times as well, and some (TIM) consider it to be racist, but context is absolutely everything.

Farang is THE WORD to describe a white or non-Thai person in Thailand. I'm not, and nobody else should be, offended by a Thai person saying something along the lines of "the Farang wants some khao tom" when you're the only white person there. The same person would refer to anyone else by a descriptive word or identifying feature that sets them apart from other people because it is how human beings have communicated, at least until the year 2019.

Now, since everything must be offensive, words that simply describe someone you are referring to for the reason of communicating WHO you're referring to, are now offensive. Because the new rule is that if one person defines themself as different than the word used to describe them, that word is now offensive for anyone to use. Because collective confusion is less offensive than individual outrage.

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Many decades ago a lady work friend was laughing quietly when one of the blokes was talking about his new 4WD.  I could see something was up and later asked her.  He had bought a Mitsubishi Pajero and I did not know (many dont) that a Pajero in Spanish is a wanker.  We both thought it suited him perfectly and it became the 'in' joke around the office - until he found out - ooops.  But - there was a building across the road with 'CAGAR' on it - cant remember what those letters were short for now as the company is gone - but CAGAR is Spanish for poo - she hated looking at that big sign. 

Every word can be offensive or rude to someone - it is impossible to be 'correct' all the time - this current waver of 'cancel culture' is very very wrong. The last time I heard about burning books and destroying things of the past, was the Taliban and before that the Nazis.   

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Well I guess this might include the next victims of social nuttiness. 

White Castle
Ivory Snow
White Rain Shampoo
Indian Corn
Chiquita Bananas
Frito Bandito
Blackjack Gum
Black Friday Shopping Day
White House
Accounting change - No longer in the Black
Cards - No longer can have spades
Laundry Whitener
White Milk
Chocolate Candy
Senorita products
Mexican Rice
White Knight
Snow White

Now if society continues to look for racism in every word uttered, image portrayed, or product name with enough imagination they will find it.  The reality is that unless and until people just stop flaunting racism in every aspect of life it will continue to polarize people.  Morgan Freeman said it best when he said the best and only way to stop racism was to just stop talking about it.  So long as the media does its best to keep the issue in the mainstream, people will automatically start to search out and find names like Aunt Jemima or Eskimo Pies to be derogatory.  HINT:  Companies name their products after favorable images they wish to convey.  That is why you don't have any Weasel pies, or  skunk perfumes. 

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