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Monday Covid Update: Record high of 11,784 new cases and 81 deaths


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17 minutes ago, gummy said:

That's very true and PTT amd Homepro have some of the cleanest.

Yep - PTT is where we always stop. Cafe Amazon and Thai food shops too. And of course the 7/11 store. ATM machines too. What more could you ask for on a long country drive when needing to stop for a break.

I still remember when on one of our first trips I only needed a number 1, and the Thai toilets were 'right here' and the western toilets were 'way over there'. So I went into the Thai ones and saw a row of 'squatters'. They were all clean and all that - but there is no way I can squat and pee, so I was standing there thinking about whether I can stand and aim well enough.  A Thai man came in and realised the issue and pointed out the back, and signalled several times for me to go around the back. I was very dubious of course and went into 'switched on' mode - ready for fight or flight.  Out and around I went - and there I saw a long row of 'outdoor' urinals against the wall - open to the air and everything but not visible from the petrol station or carpark. For those old enough it was just like those urinals around the back of the boy's toilet blocks in the schools many many decades ago.  All good and another life experience ticked off. 


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