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BREAKING: Stay at home orders, travel restrictions in Bangkok and 9 other provinces


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9 hours ago, triplebogey said:

thank you for the recommendation but i was only trying to pose a question. The object was to see if I missed any report on this particular scenario. As one of the Phuket Medical directors said do not worry about the (Padded ) sndbox arrivals it is the domestic travel which is a problem. Sorry I was not direct enough. it must be the water affecting my brain it is so clear missing the normal amber color

All good mate - my answer was really targeted for the broader audience - dont go elsewhere if there - dont come if not there - it has not been thought through well enough by the Thai Govt organisations.  And I fully understand - both too much and too little amber can cause problems 555.

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On 7/9/2021 at 7:53 PM, triplebogey said:

Do you have any restrictions on your domestic return to phuket? Will you be treated the same as a local coming to Phuket? Or will you be a special case? 

The same as a local coming from Bangkok / a red zone, as now they all have to be tested too.


... with exceptions ! ?

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2 hours ago, JTCarius said:

"The last time Bangkok imposed strict regulations and lockdown measures brought the unintended consequence of residents fleeing to their hometowns for more freedom, spreading Covid-19 along the way."

This quote is pretty ridiculous and more than a little naïve.

Thais left Bangkok because all the jobs were shut down and people had no money to pay their rent or buy food and gas. The government barely helped and they were forced to go home to the provinces where their relatives lived.

Not because they were "fleeing" for "more freedoms". SMH.

"...spreading Covid-19 along the way."  

People going home to the provinces during the first lockdown had virtually ZERO impact on the spread of Covid-19.

Bro, you need to up your journalism game. Think quality over pumping out superficial quantity. Do your research.

Very true.


Amongst the biggest spreaders are the lottery sellers, with clusters at the big ticket markets as well as ticket sellers going home every two weeks.


Not much chance of the lottery being cancelled for a month.

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20 hours ago, Wearefree said:

I didn't know COVID only spreads at night.

The Thai government discovered this in March/April last year. They are world leaders in discovering facts that no one ever proves to be correct.

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